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December 7, 2021

MERKEL + NULAND = CHANGE…? (International Stock Market 5)

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Neither the formula is new, nor the interests of the world’s great players, whose mediation Macedonian government has permanently wanted for a year. Equation is a range of the expected effects of engaging Washington and Berlin. Their drilling contains a dilemma how far Gruevski is willing to compromise with Greece and how he would manage a possible solution, which will certainly include changes in the reference, at least, and change in the name, in a broader set of stabilizing the region. In both powerhouses the emotional connection is known between the leader of the ruling coalition with Macedonians, not just his voters. Hence the caution of the guest from Washington in the dose of publicly selected compliments to the active contribution of small Macedonia in major NATO peacekeeping missions.

The dynamics of orchestrated reactions, just before the arrival of Nimitz, particularly Germany’s exposure to think about solutions for the name dispute, is an investment that is identical to the U.S. strategy before the summit in Bucharest. Then the U.S. President failed the negotiations with pro-Greek core in EU and the Greek veto became intensified. Since then neither the governments in Athens, nor the political and financial credibility of Greece have not had the power of or-or politics, influenced by its dependence on the German credit guarantees.

German authorities, led by Merkel, did not have the U.S. courage to recognize Macedonia’s name, as did the Bush administration, although deputies of the Bundestag prompted similar initiative (resolution), which may have been identical pivotal decision in Berlin. When the most powerful woman in the world, in one breath and from one place sends an unusual diagnosis that the Greek-Macedonian dispute is a burden to Europe, it still does not mean that the solution is in sight. But it is indisputable that in just a few months, the Chancellor has been directly informed from Nimitz about the negotiations and his latest and probably basic solution to the name dispute.

In Merkel’s third term, with a broad coalition, it is more and more visible that Germany has taken the role of a sponsor and regulator of the relations in the Western Balkans. When it comes to Macedonia, that interest began to deepen and connect with Kosovo. Then there was management of the NLA military intelligence structures, in circumstances when a mobile group of the Bundeswehr was located in Tetovo. The mystic availability of a plan by German authorities of eight points regarding the ethnic crisis development in Macedonia received a certificate of existence through assessment that military action will start and end at Tetovo Kale, no longer than 6 to 8 months.

Macedonia is not dangerous as the basis of religious terrorism, but certainly as a bridge for transit of religious fundamentalists who have their strongholds in numerous (self)isolated ghettos of Arabs and Turks in Germany.

“The need for energy security at the international level is evident more than ever. It depends on the effective strategy for protecting critical infrastructure (ZKI), which can be provided in a centralized way…before the complex and dynamic threats”.

This estimate was reported by Prof. Metodi Hadzi Janev in the journal Politicka misla (Political Thought) in 2011, co-financed by the foundation “Konrad Adenauer” in Skopje.

Globally, Berlin has not given up protecting European corridors 8 and 10, for which in part of the Germans there are still emotional and historical ties. But it includes more modern forms of networking major energy facilities, the Serbian pool TE-CO, gas and eco-energy, until the relocation of important industries of German multinationals in Macedonian economic zones, with cheap Macedonian labor. German government and companies make the present policy of protection of economic interests in their export or investment loans through the system of Hermes – Insurances. These arrangements are expensive but reliable guarantors of more modern penetration of its geo-economic interests.

“Europe is in front of a dramatic change in its position in the world for which so far democratic forces have not given ​​either sense, explanation or a solution, as opposed to the far-right. Then the electoral success of the far-right, populists and racist forces results from the fact that they found new places to express themselves, so they got the voices of extremists and anti-democrats”. This is the freshest evaluation of Benjamin Abtan from the European Antiracist Movement.

For a state in which one highway does not guarantee its condition, it is certain that the security umbrella of NATO is an essential signal for internal security of Macedonia. If Gruevski has read the sensitivity of the current conflicts in Europe, then he will be forced to a compromise, much more complex than the name solutions.

Since taking over the government, leaders of VMRO-DPMNE have created an aura that German Demochristians are their party and ideological like-minded, and the foundation “Konrad Adenauer”, named after the first Chancellor of restored Germany, a zealous educator of staff that PM Gruevski relies on today. The information that through this foundation were built the foundations of aggressive political relations with the public of the Macedonian Government remained unconfirmed, but never undenied.

When global trends are crossed, German-American interests in the small micro cosmos of Macedonian populism and nationalism, interest and involvement of Chancellor Merkel in the relief of Europe from the Greek-Macedonian dispute, narrow the room for maneuver of the Prime Minister. Maybe because of the sensitive information of the American most secretive NSA, whose following communications covers suspicious financial flows, and credit-economic arrangements from and to Skopje.

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