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December 7, 2021

Towards division

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Our political organization suffers from basic morality. Morality is a weighing machine to measure self-responsibility, self-control and sacrifice for general needs and values​​. High morality is above the material and spiritual temptations, and low morality is subject to these. What (im)morality has made Albanian parties be beholden to an ancient Sancho Panza, that forced all people to fight with the windmills. While those who have received their votes disappeared along with the wind, the Albanian opposition always turned toward the wind blowing. Albanian factor was silent all the time. In the name of which political pragmatism was it done, when from the cosmos it was seen that Gruevski used nationalism to consolidate personal power? These parties closed their eyes when they most needed to keep them open. They clogged ears when they most needed to keep them open. Such respect to Gruevski’s nationalism pointed to collective thought among Albanians that either it is about a large personal interest or these leaders want at all costs to preserve the state that Macedonians themselves do not want to have. Gruevski has never let the opportunity to send nationalist signals to satisfy the low passions in the wider section of the population in the form of defensive nationalism. He was very happy when the mass responded with “Goce’s race”.

The government instigated youths to attack on buses, in the streets, squares and even in private houses (Nerezi) in order to fill the political batteries with nationalist power. This helped the government to blur the view not to see the patriot robbery of astronomical proportions. American Institute for the Study of Money Laundering “Adriatic” concluded that indigenous patriots have taken approximately 4.6 billion dollars people’s money out of the country. This was the purpose of installing institutional nationalism, hence chants in stadiums, in squares with insults about “damn Shqiptars” were a logical outcome. Even in Ivanov’s presence, in Belgrade the whole stadium shouted dangerous insults, and he did “not hear” something like that at all. It is hard when you are deaf to your own nationalism, and a big ear to the foreign. Top of political manipulation was Gruevski’s appeal to be given 63 MPs not to happen elderly people throughout Macedonia to be made to learn Albanian!!! And in reality, Albanian language as official is symbolically used only in three or four municipalities. A PM totally not knowing beans about common sense. Even the occupation authorities were not so irresponsible. Skopje 2014 is the highlight of the irrational. The famous American expert on the Balkans Edwards Joseph rightly says – “For years in Skopje we have not seen irresponsible leadership with a very negative approach”.

Now in “Monster” we do not exactly know who the monster is. The situation is much more complicated than we think, as the protests for the punished are just an occasion, and the reasons are very deep and painful. Young people are totally marginalized, alienated, divided. Cruelest discrimination is the party one, then come all others. If you are not a member of a party these days, you have no right to life. Everything has been made by party lists, and evil has accumulated. Corruption at all levels flowers. Poverty has created a white plague. It was a matter of day when the dangerous explosion would occur. So far it is positive that the protesters have not offended any other nation. They are directed against the total partization of the state and social institutions that are equally harmful for Macedonians.

The solution is not possible without radical moves. The sooner this is understood, the less painful it will be. We are only one step away from a serious conflict with the government. It will automatically get dangerous interethnic dimension. More than ever Gruevski is facing the choice – his function or peace in the state. It would have been more normal if he had proposed another person of his party and left politics. The other option is very bad. And the Albanian partner will have to get rid of some people whose butt for 12 years has not been off government chairs, and they do not have an image of doing good things. We had the greatest cohesion between 2003 and 2006. But it disappeared. Gruevski has brought the situation to the brink of war. What to expect when now it is very difficult to distinguish a political party from a mafia organization! Rescue and disaster are knocking at our door. Which door will we open depends on us. If we allow another conflict then federalism or division imposes as an opportune solution. Unfortunately with tragic consequences. At least we will finally realize that a community is not built with hate.

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