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December 7, 2021

Macedonian drivers pay the most expensive registration

Registration cost in our country is 200 Euros (without a green card), 180 Euros in Serbia, Bosnia charges 175 Euros, Kosovo 170 and in Bulgaria it costs 110 Euros

Zoran M., driver from Kocani angrily leaves the branch of one of the banks where he paid 5,000 denars for registration of his vehicle:

“A utility tax, environmental and road taxes, it is really too much”, complains Zoran.

A similar opinion has Goran Petrov from Strumica, who says that 5-6 years ago his vehicle was with Bulgarian registration plates and there he paid three times less.

“In Bulgaria registration and green card for the car cost me 160 leva (about 4,800 denars) and in Macedonia for the same car I pay 13,000 denars without a green card”, says Petrov.

registraski tablici

He adds that he works in a private firm and he needs to save an entire salary for the registration of the vehicle, and it might not be enough.

Srecko Ciric from Nis, Serbia boasts with low costs of technical inspection.

“My car has an engine displacement of 1,900 cubic centimeters and for it I pay around 10 Euros for technical inspection. The remaining money to 180 Euros, as the registration costs, is for green card insurance policies”, says Ciric.

According to the National Insurance Bureau, around 470,000 vehicles are annually registered in Macedonia.

Registration of a 15 years old vehicle with an engine displacement of 2,000 cubic centimeters

Country Basic costs of vehicle registration (in Euros) % of average salary
Macedonia 290 (200 registration+90 green card) 85%
Croatia 450 60%
Kosovo 170 49%
Serbia 180 45%
Bosnia and Herzegovina 175 40%
Slovenia 310 31%
Bulgaria 110 26%

Source: Analysis by Inbox 7

High registration costs compensated with green card

High registration costs paid by Macedonian drivers are compensated with the practice not to obtain a green card, as a mandatory expense registration.


Green card in Macedonia is additionally charged 60 and 90 Euros depending on the vehicle if the driver drives abroad. In other countries, with few exceptions, the green card is included in the insurance policy regardless of the fact if the vehicle leaves the country or not, says Leposava Gelevska from the National Insurance Bureau.

“The Government should reduce taxes on citizens registering a vehicle excluding the green card from mandatory fees at registration. It creates confusion for drivers as in other countries the cost of green card is included in the insurance policy, and they charge 10 or 20 Euros for issuing it”, Gelevska says.

She adds that every fourth vehicle in the country obtains a green card and last year about 130,000 green cards were sold.

For Aleksandar Damjanov, Macedonian returnee from Slovenia, registration costs are too high, in terms of what is offered. Slovenia and Macedonia have the same insurance costs, but there are many better services and the insurance policy covers more risks.

“In Slovenia, if you deregister plates of the vehicle and remove it from traffic or if you sell it out from Slovenia, the insurance company will calculate how long the policy will not be used and will return the money”, says Damjanov.

His guest and friend from Slovenia, Joze Pletnikar complains of bad roads.

“In Macedonia the same amount is paid to maintain the roads, but the roads in Slovenia are organized, there is asphalt to every house, settlements are connected with excellent roads. When coming from Veles to Stip I nearly broke the vehicle, there are holes in the road where even a wheel can fall out”, complains Pletnikar.

Nearly half of the money for registration goes to the state

About 40% of the value at vehicle registration goes to the state as a cost, drivers complain.

Slave Gichevski from the Malesevija region complains that many of the fees paid in Macedonia are not paid in other countries.

“My son has a car with Bulgarian plates and almost no costs for the state at registration. He pays a little there. When I go to register my car I carry with me five pay slips and in the bank they charge 35 denars commission for each pay slip and the fee is 25 denars for example”, complains Gichevski.

Roberto Rogozharski,head of technical inspection station in Stip, says these taxes have to be paid by every driver as regulated by law.

“Technical inspection stations charge about 15% of all registration fees for cars, other duties as required by the state have to be transferred to a state account”, says Rogozharski.

Registration cost of a 15 years old vehicle with an engine displacement of 2,000 cubic centimeters

Costs Value
Vehicle technical inspection 1300
Utility tax 600
Environment 150
SPI 100
Red cross 25
Conveniences of technical inspection 122
Document completion 605
Insurance policy 6.626
Banking fee 150
Road pricing 2.400
Total 12.100

Source: Analysis by Inbox 7