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August 18, 2022

Rule with manipulations

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We have been living in virtuality for years. We have virtual development, virtual well-being, virtual power, virtual size, virtual history, and, above all, a virtual reality. With the help of strong propaganda and populism, a mental code is planted within the common man that will accept the lie as unambiguous truth. For years there has been a conviction that what is happening with this government is that rare happiness that can happen to a nation once in a thousand years. It is a copy of Mao Tse-tung’s cultural revolution: “Let a hundred flowers bloom”, “let a hundreds of schools be built”, “let hundreds hydroelectric power station be constructed”, “let millions of trees be planted”, “let hundreds of thousands of computers be installed” and many other slogans.

It took years to understand that we have been fed with an empty spoon. Now we realize that all the time the power persuaded us that paradise is located right in the middle of hell. That the best white angel is exactly the devil. Virtual happiness served by virtual guides led us to great real accident. That we were led by leaders who all the time presented themselves as trees full of fruit, but were actually just lonely bare trees where vultures nested. But such incompetent leaders were very capable of something else – manipulations.

The first manipulation was the name. Masses were easily seduced and crime successfully masqueraded. The international community was caught on the hook, and although seeing how democracy was threaded, however, looked the other way, thinking, above all, it was important to resolve the name. We were falsely encouraged that we have dynamized the reforms, that have made a ​​good progress, that we were moving to the right direction, although from the moon it was seen that dangerous dictatorship was introduced in the state. After the 1995Interim Accord, the name was no longer an obstacle to Euro-Atlantic integration of the country. Even the name issue was on the way to extinction, but Gruevski stirred it with antique fire in order to rule without any results.

The second manipulation was the Skopje 2014 project. People were to be carried on clouds to NOT see what is happening on earth and in the underworld. This project aims to create a virtual sense of power and size. 500 million Euros were spent, money that could have greatly help the economy. Economists say the money would have opened at least thirty thousand direct jobs and the same number of indirect ones. For only one hundred million Euros a modern polyclinic in the region would have been built with complete equipment and trained personnel for all diseases, that would have provided the state with great financial saving treatment abroad, and most importantly would have saved many lives.

The third manipulation is strengthening inter-ethnic tension in the country. This defocuses public attention from real problems to give preference to another issue that is considered collectively existential. In such a setting, criminal government structures easily provide support for the rule. Everyday ethnic incidents are fruit and food of such policy.

The fourth manipulation is lustration, which turned into an instrument of struggle against political opponents. When Lucifer saw how the government lustrated he himself offered to help. Dark forces lustrate, which are light years away from the light. Our leaders can never understand it is better to suffer than do injustice. They are not aware how expensive speaking injustice and silence of justice are. The regime created deep internal divisions, ruthlessly destroying everything rational at humans, nations and among cultures. Digging in history, we have undermined the future. High speed growing is the disillusionment to the general misery and no outlook. At the political level: satanizing, putting below, innuendo, witch hunt. All had to be blamed for the government to be innocent. Now it is five past twelve. Last moment for us and for the government. While we thought it was early for speaking, it became too late for silence. History is full of leaders who had a small capacity, a small heart, and great ambitions. And it is a deadly mixture for the fate of millions of souls. The difference between the sublime and the tragic is just one strand.

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