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August 18, 2022

USA and EU about the name– NO PASARAN! (International Stock Market 1)

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Journalistic – editorial team of Aminta 3 from Skopje has entered a film with an international plot of the Western Allies against Macedonia. Their series of coordinated weekly articles about aesthetic-political attributes of the diplomatic ladies from Germany and the Netherlands in Skopje was not enough. Ambassador-columnist great ones of President Ivanov take care of the image to be more complete in the pro-Macedonian defense against improper strangers, with the thesis that diplomats in Macedonia should adhere to the Vienna Convention and move away from domestic arbitration when in Macedonia they sent us messages from the powerful centers of geostrategy.

Anti-Western hysteria is supported with cases of despotic violation of human rights and democratic rules in the indicated NATO and EU members. In these such “underdeveloped” democracies impeachment has happened to the president of the most powerful state, and in the last decade, three heads of European states ended up in court. The tenth president of Germany, Christian Wulff, resigned after being found amid corruption scandal with a disputed credit, expensive cars and rich donations. Ten prime ministers, three from Italy, are with prison terms for links to the Mafia. In the last decade, three EU governments resigned under pressure of public opinion and the media. So, Nixon, Cole, Chirac, Meciar, the newest democracies in the EU with the cases of Sanader, Jansa, Necas, Nastase…So for the anomy of their democracies and institutions.

Even Bulgaria, as a young member of the EU, listens to Brussels recommendations about South Stream. Dr. Ognyan Minchev, director of the Institute for Regional and International Studies in Sofia, who was in Skopje these days, recently estimated that:

“In the cost of construction of this pipeline there is no basic business logic. For example, one kilometer of the route across the Danube plane will be twice more expensive than a kilometer through mountain terrain in Serbia and three times more expensive than a kilometer pipeline through inaccessible Alpine regions in Slovenia. At the same time Bulgaria is under enormous corrupt pressure from Moscow, and under absolutely legitimate pressure from Brussels to prevent fraud such as the imagined “sea route” by MPs of the ruling BSP, for which the EU rules are not supposed to be valid. Precisely the aim of the EU is to cut down and even out high monopolistic prices offered by Gazprom now”.

Poisonous arrows from Macedonia are pointed to ambassadors of Germany and the Netherlands, but look forward to Wohlers leaving, they disliked his predecessor Rucker; Ahrens, Brett are unacceptable…As if the protagonists of criticism towards them forgot who ambassadors represent.

Just to remind, without the U.S., with the so far immediate financial support of at least 1.5 billion dollars, their UNPREDEP and UNPROFOR troops and commands in securing the borders with Serbia and Kosovo, the question is whether Macedonian state would have existed. Military, financial, economic aid and power of Germany of around one billion Euros is embedded in its sovereignty. The Netherlands, whose last two female ambassadors suffered unprecedented attacks, paid the debts of Macedonia to the World Bank two decades ago, to get the first credit lines and benefits of EU financial assistance. For two decades it has been part of Constituency (leader of the voting bloc) for Macedonia both in the IMF and the World Bank. From them and their financial affilations, primarily EBRD, every government, especially Gruevski’s, uses credit lines to finance the budget deficit, rebuilding foreign exchange reserves, the sustainability of macroeconomic and monetary stability. So far at least 1.5 billion Euros. Total donations from powerful Western friends reach a value of a total GSP from the beginning of the millennium.

The protagonists of the latest media torture on foreign diplomats in Skopje took Milosevic’s politics of self-sufficiency as a model of durability. In a journalistic text of Prime Minister Gruevski, he is suggested, “to announce plans to discharge to the IMF and the World Bank…as an intention to strengthen the Macedonian national and state sovereignty”. As if we were Slovenia, which gave up the services of IMF with 880 million marks at the beginning of independence, with intrusion into the federal reserves of 1.2 billion marks, a stable macroeconomic policy and excellent management resources. IMF and World Bank out of Macedonia??? Perhaps I have failed to read that the denar, as convertible currency, is listed on the world financial markets, it is means of payment through bank swift-transactions to abroad… ?!?! Fortunately this type of economic alphabetism will not get to the experienced Gruevski.

The prime minister, who is to blame for the deadlock in the Euro-Atlantic integrations, however, manages the next decade of waiting before the gates of the Union. All major investment in the free trade zones are from Germany, UK, USA, Austria, the Netherlands…and they say that so far at least 10-12 thousand Macedonians have been working there.

I have neither heard, nor read that some of the hundreds of thousands of youth who are immigrants and who went to the East, look for the sunrise on their perspective at the U.S., EU, Australia, in countries with functioning institutions, free market and competitive economy.

Regarding the controversy in the complete media-political logic of self-sufficiency and self-isolation to be measurable, on one hand, as well as the hypocrisy in foreign policy by the officials in Skopje, on the other hand, the latest example is the statement, that is the offer by Antonio Miloshoski. In a Sunday interview, he suggested the United States, Germany and France, the three countries separately or together, to be involved in resolving the dispute with Greece, as mediators and guarantors of a new agreement. Let’s leave aside how an American shuttle diplomacy would look like of some new Holbrooke and lightning signing of the Agreement with Athens? The major media patriots would be as poured with hot water versus the manifolds of domestic-foreign traitors and mercenaries. The ex-minister recalls the statement by Bakoyannis that Greece will wait for Serbia to enter the EU before solving the fate of Macedonia. Just because of disruption of this traditional nationalist transversal between Belgrade and Athens, the suspension of the offer from Milosevic to Mitsotakis for division of Macedonia, clever Kiro Gligorov was forced to pragmatism and unfair “deal” swap – FYROM in order to join the world’s political and financial institutions. Without them today Macedonia would not be an independent and sovereign state. It is the message for (re)actualized and still angry patriotic policy of pro-government media, journalists and politicians who test self-sufficiency of a small and powerless state and economy.

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