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May 24, 2022

Social stock market (1): IT STINKS IN THE UNION – MITREVSKI!!!

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Political geysers have been stinking from the unions for a long time. The sewage stench has also suffocated their leader Mitrevski so he had to avoid the afflicted social workers. Rather than wait for them at the entrance of Skopje and be the head of the procession, the head of the Federation of Trade Unions remained a key ring to the power. He did not even have minimum motivation to be among them and recruit new members. He and his oudated branch associations fall asleep before and after the social dialogue with the government, have no access to company managers, they are not interested in modern forms of exploitation.

During this period of the second stage of Macedonian transition, we have witnessed the social and economic “neocolonialism”. Living labor is devalued, as well as highly educated and workers. Degraded labor market, with economic disproportion between decades of humanistic education versus actual staffing resources for the economy, devalues the thesis that we have highly-educated and quality workforce. Absurdity of the current minimum growth is based on cheap labor, which promotes itself as an economic advantage for attracting foreign investors. Major political “showmen”, Ivanov, Minister, Stavrevski, Peshevski…in European capitals and in overseas businesses sell out manual workers, physical hour in plants, as the cheapest in Europe. Macedonian president promotes it in China, too, recent country of “slavish exploitation” as the International Labor Organization described it in the reports of only a decade ago. Therefore, it happens that home engineers and construction workers, engaged on new highways to Stip and Smokvica, for the same job positions have 4-5 times lower salaries than the holders of the projects from China and Greece.

“The law adopted by the Government for compensation to redundant workers has no effect and it was only for political marketing. The government came up with data that 3000 redundant will be compensated. The Employment Agency continuously in this period is not coming out with a figure how many redundant workers have been compensated by that law. Their number is not 3000, is it about 300? Only 0.46 % of the budget is enough to compensate redundant workers”, says Dr. Zdravko Saveski.

Data on the amount of wages are a top secret, although employers, foreign and domestic, are required to publicly announce their amounts? It is no wonder when you hear that in foreign corporations, the lowest pay is as extra pay for redundant workers. In its planning, VMRO-DPMNE politically benefited from propaganda signatures of Gruevski with strikers around Stojanov in the old Woman’s Park at the peak of the 2006election campaign.

Media-political euphoria is that exports are dramatically increasing in the first quarter, thanks to global brands in the free zones. But the Governor of the Central Bank has finally announced the harsh reality. The surplus in the prices of products for export-import of indigenous corporations, mainly in Bunardzik, Kavardaraci and Stip, is only 10%, said Bogotav in a week interview for Free Europe. About 90% of their inflows from abroad are used by dislocated companies in economic zones to import raw materials for their production in Macedonia. The price(less) labor is included, budget benefits the state gives to companies releasing their social taxes or reduction to the minimum threshold, the freed duty, contributions to which domestic firms are burdened and often uncompetitive in foreign markets. Devaluation of the value of engaged labor in free zones has lowered the price in prevailing domestic firms, and has alimented 75% of budget revenues and 90% for social transfers. The study “Wealth and Poverty in Macedonia” by the authors of the leftist movement “Solidarity” examines the period 2008 – 2012, and makes comparisons between the top, middle and minimum wage in the country: “In 2008 the highest gross salary was 48 times higher than the average, and in 2011 it went up by 185 times. In the same year, the highest net salary was 245 times higher than the average, while compared to the minimum of 8.050 denars, it is even 631 times higher.

And of course, the new modern form of robbery of workforce and its added value-classical forms of neocolonialism are not of concern for sleeping union leaders. Current Mitrevski becomes accomplice in the labor violation as an essential and measurable category in creating profits. To his predecessors, Tolevski and Muratovski’s conscience or the inability remains the transition robbery of the current and past work as part of the creation of the share capital, major financial scandals and bankruptcies as countless forms of devaluation of generated capital.

Does anyone remember a strike for workers and social rights? Even under communism we cannot forget the 10 workers of Zelezara to the Parliament, causing ideological conflict in the former top of SKM. In the late 80s, in the Federation media most attractive was the longest strike of the textile workers in Elegant, Gevgelija, or workers from Kratovo Idnina, opposing the then-powerful Ivanov-Zingo, the good pupil and friend of Lazo Kolisevski?

Strike is a legitimate form of expressing employees’ dissatisfaction with the realization of social and labor rights of collective agreements, and unions also exist in corporations that in Macedonia want to get rid of the social rights responsibilities to domestic engaged workers.

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