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June 27, 2022

Tragic weddings

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Before the elections Ahmeti said that he did not want to have a wedding without a bride. Anyway, everyone has got married. Some with brides, others without them, or their bride has ended up with the neighbor. Some have had a wedding in secrecy, without music, though without brides. But there have been weddings in abundance. Gruevski seemed to act as a very happy groom, as he got a bride visually very beautiful, but still visibly frightened, because she has had a reputation as a very cunning and unfaithful. He is apparently happy, because with the “golden share” of GROM he got an absolute majority, but for very relative power. Soon after, plates of all the drunken wedding guests with or without brides will be broken on his head.

Firstly. SDSM does not accept the mandates, which in this situation means a very big blow to the government, not only because of the legitimacy of the elections, but because of the heavy and deadly political decisions that will have to be made in the coming months. The name issue will have to be resolved. The consequences of such a “heart attack” will not be able to buffer any Goebbelsian televisions that have been producing heavy frauds and false masks for years. So the non-recognition of the mandates by the opposition will be one more stone around Gruevski’s neck.

Secondly. DUI is so strong that even God cannot help Thaci to become part of the government. DUI also obliged DPMNE by a very direct way with the boycott which saved the presidential candidate (Prime Minister’s shadow). Any possible ignoring of this party will mean an end to Gruevski’s regime.

Thirdly. One thing is still unclear to the public. And it is – why the international community has not been so harsh to the abuses of elections by the government and has them repeat? The answer is in the NAME. It must finally be resolved by Gruevski himself. In normal situations, in elections accompanied by massive corruption, pressures, intimidation, blackmail and above all unprecedented Goebbelsian MTV, Sitel, Kanal 5 and Alpha – the international community would recognize the elections in no dream. It would seek their repetition (as requested in Albania in 1996, but then Berisha did not listen, so in 1997 a major accident occurred in the state).

The name issue will have to be resolved by the NATO summit in September. It will be a tragic end for Gruevski, he will be forced to cut the branch on which he has been comfortably resting, lying and enjoying for eight years. If he is not obedient, there will be new tapes. Fresh tapes where people can hear and see the sad side of his false patriotism, and their own delusion to vote for their own tragedy. And the actors will end up as Sanader and Jansha. “Macedonian Bank”, “Zagorec”, “Actor”, “Ivonche-milionche”, “Street Lighting”, Boneva’s apartments and DPMNE building just point out what will happen to him if he is not obedient. Then finally everyone will be convinced that the only patriotism Gruevski’s government has is the grey money covered with white lies and fraud. Then everyone will see how naked the emperor is. They will understand that heavenly ideals serve to hide underground money. Does the one who steals, lies, makes poorer, makes it leave, shares it, leads to hatred, which creates a society without morals, without shame and without liability, love his nation? Do not people see how their children drive furious cars and their peers lead even more furious life? How their families afford and enjoy luxurious white yachts, and others die in black life? How their phantom firms launder money in tax haven countries and ordinary people go through black hell every day?

I have recently written that the state will face three strokes. The first that will not be disastrous will happen after the election. The second, more dangerous – will happen after the NATO summit. And the third, deadly, next year when we will have no loans, but will have to return 650 million Euros. Looks like we will have many very tragic weddings. Maybe even blood weddings.

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