Todays Date
March 25, 2023

Oral hearings in German Constitutional Court about the law on global internet surveillance by German foreign intelligent Agency (BND)

German Constitutional Court today is starting oral hearings about the law that allows German foreign intelligence agency (BND) to wiretap foreign journalists and citizens without any Court permission and spread that information with other intelligent services all over the world.

The constitutional complaint against the BND law was filed, among others, by the winner of the Alternative Nobel Prize, Khadija Ismayilova (Azerbaijan). Prof. Dr. Matthias Bäcker, a renowned constitutional lawyer from Mainz, is the legal representative. The lawsuit is coordinated by the Society for Civil Liberties (GFF) in collaboration with RSF Germany, German Journalists’ Association (DJV), German Journalists’ Union (DJU), the Network for Reporting on Eastern Europe (n-ost) and Netzwerk Recherche.

The group of complainants also includes Paul van Gageldonk (the Netherlands), Richard Norton-Taylor (the UK), Blaz Zgaga (Slovenia), Raúl Olmos (Mexico) and Goran Lefkov (Macedonia). They all work as investigative journalists in their own countries, and most of them focus on topics like corruption, tax fraud, organized crime and human rights abuses in their countries.

The oral hearing will happen today and tomorrow in Karlsruhe, in the headquarters of German Constitutional Court.