Todays Date
March 25, 2023

The noise of criticism without arguments

By Trifun Kostovski


In our society, in our culture, there is an upward trend that is defeating and which shows to what extent our public sphere, our social reality and our educational communication tools have collapsed. It is the trend of noise, of unjustified critical debate, which is replaced by the banality of criticism without argument, of discrediting, insulting, humiliating, which serves nothing but to force a person to withdraw from the public sphere in order to conquer the space of the majority that has nothing to give to society except meaningless void.

This tendency is a violent tendency and serves no one except those who bravely want to conquer the space of power without qualities and content, but with aggression and discrediting the other.

I might be writing the last column in my life where the reason for my withdrawal is not the criticism but violent criticism of people with inadequate knowledge of things sitting idle on social networks all day, throwing anathema without realizing that such an empty, pointless and violent scream degrades the person himself, and indirectly the society itself.

One Macedonian proverb says: You cannot put a door in an open field and you cannot shut people’s mouth.

Without any pretense of defending myself by citing my biography and achievements, I just want to send a message to some readers and teach them paternally. To teach them, because I wouldn’t like to use profanities.

All I have gained and much of my lost wealth have been created, and I swear before God and all of you, in an honest and dignified manner.

If someone does not believe in my confirmation, feel free to check my portfolio, which is nothing but my way of life with all life’s challenges. I have had all kinds of challenges that have made me stronger, more experienced and to act beneficially in our environment. I’m not a man who hates, revenges, maliciously – on the contrary, I am a philanthropist.

The purpose of this column – confession, is to send a message to all the Facebook and Twitter addicts who spend all day just to belittle, criticize without arguments and create an ugly image for the whole society. Many of you know me as a name and a surname, as someone coming from the business community, but they don’t know me as a person.

In order to preserve my peace and tranquility I decided to take a break with my well-meant columns to contribute to building a better society.

I do not condemn my critics, but just urge them to express their attitude, which holds us back, to think a little bit more about the fact that we are all human beings and that we demand that our dignity be respected.

I am neither a criminal, nor a transitional rich, just an ordinary citizen of the Republic of Macedonia who wishes the best for its socio-economic and cultural development.

I have often found myself thinking why my fellow citizen offends people who do not deserve it.

I do not want to be the most beloved person in Macedonia, I just want to be an ordinary citizen who still can and want to help his homeland, but unfortunately I came to the conclusion that peace and tranquility are more important than unbearable criticism that hurt my personality, my loved ones and my friends.

I wish all of you with evil tongues to find peace and tranquility and to start rational thinking and action to make our place better and more secure for living.

I’m not going to say goodbye because we don’t know what time brings, I’m here and I’m always ready to do good deeds.

My contribution will be as much as I can and I think I have to deliver.

So, my critics, I would like you to learn from this column something about yourselves as persons.

I admit that this is not the usual way of communicating, but my status as an INBOX7 columnist gives me the right to respond to this deviant phenomenon as this is not the way a healthy and functional society is built.

I would like to thank all the readers of my columns for supporting me.


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