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March 25, 2023

Education is the greatest asset for any society

By Trifun Kostovski



I would like to share a few thoughts that I believe deeply affect every person who seriously thinks about their homeland. It is more than obvious that we have entered into a political senseless war between the government and the opposition, which leads us nowhere, which lacks an argumentative apparatus that can lead to solutions that will take the country out of this political and economic hopelessness.
The war of mutual insults without arguments is being waged through a slew of countless party announcements, in both directions. All this creates resentment and despair among the citizens. As citizens are aware that such a political (non)culture leads nowhere, it will not bring strategically relevant goals for further development. And the politicians seem to underestimate the citizens and their capacity to perceive what kind of dump they have been thrown away at, rejected and forgotten.
We are waiting to be given the date set for the start of negotiations with the European Union. But it is more than clear that the date set will not be a visa for resolving internal social entropy. We may have to mobilize within the country with the given date in order to deliver what the European Union requires. I wonder if anyone on the outside should always mobilize us to figure out how to mobilize.
The hot political autumn is a reality and yet none of us knows what kind of weapons the parties in power and the opposition will wage their petty wars without giving a constructive approach to embodying the core values of a modern country.
When I talk about our country I always identify with all my fellow citizens regardless of national or religious affiliation. I wonder what is preventing us, the citizens of the Republic of Macedonia, from getting rid of the shackles of this political “camp”, to begin building a modern democratic society with a strong social and economic structure, with dense value verticals.
To build such a society we need strong personalities, with built-in knowledge and skills. According to my analyses and observations, the problem is anchored in education. Education is a very serious process, requiring huge investment between parents, educators and government policies. We, in Macedonia, unfortunately are a nation that despite rich creativity, have no affinity and developed needs for literature and science. With some exceptions who with their talent and persistent work have reached the top in their creations and their scientific and artistic Olympus. But how to establish continuity? How to arouse interest and the need to establish them as an essential socio-cultural value?
Such people in our community are marginalized, which leads to complete devastation and confusion in the development of young people. They leave without knowing their own values.
We are at the beginning of the new school year in all three segments: primary, secondary and higher education. With this text I would like to appeal to all the stakeholders that should provide our children with quality education, that is parents, teachers, professors and the Government of RM, which should provide the basic framework, structure and strategy for quality education.
Congratulations to the Municipality Centar for the elementary school Kiro Gligorov. But I feel that a beautiful and modern building will not help develop quality educational content. The curricula and the educational staff that need to implement them should be equipped with skills that will develop young people’s need and curiosity for knowledge.
The absence of such quality staff is evident in both social science and science. I urge the line ministry of education and the local government responsible for the education system, to organize seminars each year to re-educate staff in order to respond to the modern needs of the new civilization order.
With this I would like to support my view that the need for knowledge and permanent education never ceases in man regardless of his age. And it should be stimulated and animated.
We are all aware of the problem with the education system in Macedonia. But it becomes alarming. Poor education is a cancerous cell that metastasizes into the body of the society. Poor education system is the cause of the social disintegration.
Everyone in these poor economic conditions in which citizens wonder how to make ends meet in society, leads the most important social segments to oblivion.
In the end I will repeat: education, education and education – the greatest investment and even greater social asset. That is what the political leaders should understand. Because it is already clear to the citizens that political elites are just “false prophets”, as those that our bard Blaze Koneski described in his work:
False Prophets
The time will come for false prophets
In my name
They will gather you in the squares,
And make noise to the heavens,
Don’t trust them!
They think only of themselves.
Rage is tearing them inside
to shake your souls.
Those whitewashed graves!
Don’t become their slaves!

Let’s stop with the empty words and dedicate ourselves to the important topics that can save our society.


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