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May 19, 2022

Hot political autumn


By Trifun Kostovski

Dear readers,
No matter how much we want to run away from reality, especially in politics and the political world, unfortunately we cannot remain immune and not be involved in that political environment.
The Government of the Republic of Macedonia expects to be admitted to NATO by the end of the year, it considers the work to be completed, as well as receiving a date for negotiations with the European Union on our future membership.
I am not sure that this date will be realized quickly, and the path and reforms we need to make are very strong and painful. On the other hand, the European Union is becoming more skeptical about its further enlargement, as it itself has problems in functioning and deep reforms are needed. In addition to all this, there is the UK BREXIT which deeply shakes the European Union.
This is my personal perception that the negotiations may take too long, and we may become the second EU member state to wait long in the accession room with Turkey. On the other hand, I am analyzing the actions of our political leaders in terms of adapting and starting these serious negotiations. These days we are living in a real war between the two largest parties in Macedonia regarding the reforms of the Public Prosecutor’s Office and what would be the place and role of the Special Public Prosecutor’s Office if it exists in the future?
The division between political entities is very painful for the whole society and not solving such key problems of the two major political parties by consensus, we cannot be optimistic and wait for a better morning in the near future.
I do not want to get into the essence of the division between the two largest political parties in Macedonia, but we, the citizens, are looking for a small signal to unite and bring down the tension that is reflected in our daily lives.
I do not intend to look for who is guilty for all this, but can only appeal for reason, morality, consciousness, ethics in their political behavior, in order to restore the citizens’ trust in the institutions of the state.
I have heard many times from my known and unknown interlocutors that we, the citizens of Macedonia, do not deserve to be an independent country because of the bad political behavior. I do not share that opinion, on the contrary, I am very happy that we are an independent country and therefore I have insisted many times and will insist on engaging intellectual staff in politics, who will be able to prioritize the needs of the citizens, and to identify and implement that goal.
We decide for our future ourselves, for what we will do and deliver to the European Union. We no longer have an embargo by Greece and no justification for the delay in moving Macedonia within the European Union. I repeat and send a message to the party leaders to open the doors of the parties and involve as many intellectuals as possible. I am fed up with people putting up posters and being obedient to party leaders in any election cycle to be the major players on the political scene.
On this occasion I would like to point out the fact that we, the citizens of the Republic of Macedonia, are already tired of the many promises and in the end I repeat, I LOVE acts, and I suppose most of the citizens want the same thing, not empty words from the current and future officials in the Republic of Macedonia
That is all from me…


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