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May 24, 2022

Life and politics

By Trifun Kostovski


I would like to express my views on the truth, the essential quality of our lives, our future and the potential benefits that, whether we like it or not, are closely linked to the actions of political elites, those in power or in opposition, which create the social context within which we share our destiny.
To many, I suppose, this will seem like a banal subject, but my dear, I look at these things a little differently – namely, where we have real leaders, with expertise and high political culture, with a clear vision and conception to realize that vision, that state and its citizens feel the benefit of such labor.
Unfortunately, things are happening in Macedonia which indicate that we are going in the opposite direction from this imperative. You will ask yourselves why in the past 3 decades in Macedonia, after the breakup of SFRY, we remained and still are in the same place without any visions for economic development of the country.
In order to talk about the bad leadership of Macedonia, where things are changing very slowly and without an idea, I want to look a little around, our neighbors.
Let’s start with Greece, which has surpassed the financial crisis of 2007 and is fast catching up to perfecting the overall road and rail infrastructure. Newly built roads to the Ionian Sea give Greece a new impetus for faster economic development for regions that were very passive. Talks with the foreign partners for complete overhaul of the entire rail network and modernization of the major ports are to be finalized.
Albania is a real miracle in the Balkans for rapid economic growth, if we keep in mind what this small country has achieved in the last decade. The highway connecting the Adriatic with the Ionian Sea gives special importance to rapid economic development. Durres, as a seaport, is becoming a whirlwind of ideas transforming it into the most modern Adriatic port.
Kosovo, for which we, citizens of Macedonia are still not convinced whether it is a state or a protectorate, in a decade, has managed to implement a strategy for modernization of the road network, which is capital investment on the highway from Pristina to the border with Albania and Macedonia.
Serbia, despite the difficult times it was going through, the war and bombings and casualties, found the strength to build the highway from Nish to the border with Macedonia.
Bulgaria, a country that in the early 1990s after the collapse of communism did not have enough food production and citizens did not even have money to buy food, is today a country with a special flow in the economy. Although a member of the EU and NATO, they have never ceased trade relations that have traditionally been good with the Russian Federation – on the contrary, they have continued and perfected those relations of which Bulgarian citizens benefit today.
And now I ask myself, and you, what about us, how far have we made it, what capital buildings have we built in the last three decades, which project were we dedicated to in order to complete it?
Dear fellow citizens, for the development of infrastructure investments such as roads, railways, there must be a vision but also a precise strategic and action plan. Without a vision we cannot create a beautiful future. Here are just a few examples. The reconstruction of the old Veles-Shtip road, 45 km long, has not yet been completed and it has been worked on its modernization for 10 years. The Kichevo-Ohrid highway, which is no more than 40 km long, has been under construction for six years and the timing of completion is still unclear.
For comparison, Kosovo completed its highways to Albania and Macedonia in record time. Albania for 2.5 years and Macedonia for 1.5 years. We are too relaxed in the realization of key capital investments.
In the end let me ask you something.
Is it possible and how do you see the fact that Kosovo is among the top 5 business partners of our country and we have not yet built that short 10 – 15km to Kosovo border, in order to show responsiveness and responsibility for faster economic development? Such a gesture will even change the impression of every traveler entering and leaving our country.
Let me just tell you that the impression of every citizen of ours who went to Kosovo is WOW, what a road have Kosovo authorities constructed!!!! Does that sound proud for the citizens of Kosovo, to me YES.
Imagine the same traveler returning to Macedonia from Kosovo, driving in Macedonia from the time of the SCS, which means more than 90 years old, a really ugly image and perception of our country. Not to sound pessimistic, I hope and am convinced that this piece of land will find leaders who will lead the country forward and lift the morale, sense of dignity of its citizens, convincing us that we are truly Europeans.
That is all from me regarding these things, and if you have the opportunity to change it, please think and act.


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