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June 27, 2022

Election stock market (4): POLITICAL INSOMNIA

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Campaign and election results are the latest manifestations of the political-party terrorism in Macedonia.

First with the illogical procedure with DUI – against no-consensus President. Earlier, it had lucratively ruled the VMRO – DPMNE government for six years, and Gruevski and Ahmeti did not agree upon a person that would have support by all citizens. On the contrary, with its national fervor, he raised the sleeping Macedonian rage and homogenization. It was an answer to the ultimatum and the patriotic response reached the census and with minimum trust a president was elected. Now the question is how DUI will be in government in which for three ministers the opinion of the “head of state” must be heard.

Then, in the election campaign the votes followed a complete mobilization of the electorate that is under party, court, police, social and media torture, without the right to their own field of view. It is the peak of VMRO in the society in which the party becomes a movement, with an undisputed leader and suspected internal democracy.

Peak of the latest political hypocrisy is not accepting the election results. With logic of carnival performance, Zaev and this SDSM transform Macedonia into a political “province” without dignity cultivated to admit defeat and to conceive of misleading campaign in which the scandal of dishonest Gruevski entered in wrong timing. For the first time. Previously, Zaev publicly stated that the party was ready for elections at any time, without conditions by census and valid voter list, or to leave the diaspora vote whose elected persons do not have legitimacy even for local councilors. Representatives of SDSM exulted with consensual agreement on amendments to the electoral legislation, and gave new chairman of the SEC. Their Rilkovski stated that the elections had been regular, remaining indolent to the buses from Pustec, unwieldiness of the voter list, double voters and cards, intimidation of socially disadvantaged. Social-democrats did not ask the police to intervene equally, professionally and non-party. Jankulovska was agile immediately after the statement of the leader of SDSM to announce that the elections were peaceful, though the spirit that came out of the bottle long been disturbing. The Ministry of Interior managed to follow the vehicle of the mayor of Kumanovo carrying election material, but the police, deployed around polling stations, failed to see when VMRO subjects, in cars, hidden in corners, marked voters as Jews in Nazi time…

Social-democrats of the new generation still lack the courage to break with the post-transition cataclysm and apologize for their wrong policies of privatization. This will be a strong challenge to the second transition with VMRO elite and oligarchy which unscrupulously spends budgets for the interests of their elite and party caste.

SDSM came out without a complex program, with absence of an attractive offer for voters, for balance and social justice. The opposition decided to promote a long-term idea of ​​taking the power of the wealthy by establishment of middle class which, for example, took Indonesia fifteen years. There, this social group of people was created in times of economic resurgence, for example, with a rate of 10 to 15% annual growth in GSP, huge raw capacities and resources, numerous internal consumption population, and unprecedented tourism potential.

Scandinavian or scandalous election…Election fiasco…Freedom or orchestrated vote…Macedonia has won, Zaev has lost…First in the Macedonian Cup, but dropped out of the European leagues…Macedonist Ivanov before the citizen Pendarovski… President of all citizens, but not the Albanians… Gruevski supported by multinational companies…

Choose the title yourself. The story ended with insomnia. After Monday’s morning star the outcome of Sunday’s fever is just starting.

Zaev made a mistake for the second time. Instead with an established and monolithic caucus in Parliament to keep an open affair for corruption of power, he chose models with mediation of the international community. Such protection syndromes become increasingly irritating in an independent and sovereign state. The boycott of the election results is a fatalistic concept of equal weight of ruining the institution, as it does the “regime”. The brave leader discourages his party, too, young and new staff is spent needlessly, and they have lost mettlesome and modern Pendarovski for good. Now Crvenkovski supporters and his party models will encourage. Pro-government media stars have begun to mourn for the ex-leader and VMRO-DPMNE is trying to pick an opponent in opposition.

“The right conservative government of Nikola Gruevski has shown no willingness to adhere to the basic principles of democracy during the elections”. When you read this quote from Zaev in the German media, the image of the election results exceeds Macedonian borders.

The government controls the media, the judiciary and the administration, so that its clear victory in the election was predicted, foreign journalists write. Domestic “opinion makers” in the public service and the government oligarchic broadcasters ignored the last audio – visual performance of Zaev as they hid the affairs with the Macedonian Bank, but for hours they had been commenting on something that viewers did not see who had said it, what he had said, how he had communicated it. Zaev imposed, his name will never be mentioned on this scale on all televisions. It ruined the usual celebration of the victory of VMRO – DPMNE, which creates doubt in its authenticity by itself.

This old-new government, with designed policy, managed to announce new foreign investors in the election eve. What Crvenkovski missed with Audi, Gruevski, after two decades, compensates with Mercedes and other multinational brands. They now guarantee the security of the country, will be pivotal to the socio-economic relaxation of social conditions, statehood PR for Macedonia.

But, does Gruevski have a Pyrrhic victory when the self-nominated future coalition partner (Deputy Prime Minister) Thaci declares that he will not recognize the votes of DUI due to theft and irregular elections. How will the future mandator compile a government without them? Albanian political elites will quickly reach consensus on the corpus of their priorities: full bilingualism, constitutional changes and the election of a president with “Bandenter” rule, (in)formal budget federalization. Gruevski won a majority, and now we will see how he will fend blackmails off? Hopefully the clumsy message by Gligorov in 1994 will not be repeated, during the uncertain second presidential term, when the first social democrat cried: – Do not leave me alone! Is Gruevski’s calling for Zaev to change his mind an indication of the dangers that trouble the leader of VMRO-DPMNE?!

Without SDSM and divided Macedonian tissue the fate of a referendum name is uncertain, too, without it there is no solution to the dispute with Athens and NATO is far in these hot passions of geopolitical balance or redistribution of power.