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May 24, 2022



By Bardhyl ZAIMI

The establishment of the Special Prosecutor’s Office was the light at the end of the decades-long tunnel. The whole “Empire” of corruption and other incrimiantions that emerged as an iceberg top of the opposition “bombs” had already been left as evidence in the SPO offices, which was considered the only institution that could make sense of justice in the state.
Katica Janeva, a not so well-known person until then, became a symbol of justice, an admired prosecutor who was hoped to give the right solution to all those cases that were already part of the litigation. The public gave unreserved support to this justice institution and to Janeva as a special prosecutor. This is evidenced by the high ratings that SPO has enjoyed in many surveys.
Citizens’ support for this institution seemed plebiscite, while the expressive symbol of corruption and other incriminations, Janeva and other prosecutors, each time appearing on the public stage, expressed optimism that eventually something good would happen in the usurped state by political incriminations, by the civil servants who had already “privatized” public goods and installed a network for control and extortion of public money.
Political compromises on issues considered strategically important to a state going through the name-changing drama, with incriminated figures that had already been litigated and had not received a proper epilogue, undermined the credibility of the SPO. The institution of hope had already been seen as an accounting institution that did not respond to the original mission by the end.
However, the citizens, with significant majority, still believed that this fragile justice could be restored to normality only through the SPO, as an institution that would reflect all dimensions of political and institutional life.
Just at the end of the term, at a time when the fate of the SPO was to be decided, the Racket scandal destroyed the prestige and confidence gained by the SPO. Chief prosecutor Janeva was now suspected of being part of that “empire” she had previously declared war on.
The prestigious German media outlet Spiegel writes about suspicions about Janeva’s involvement in the scandal. In the text about the Racket affair and Janeva’s involvement, Spiegel writes that “it was considered a symbol in the fight against corruption, now investigator Katica Janeva herself appears to be involved in a major blackmail affair”.
The beginnings and endings are sometimes so paradoxical, especially in public affairs in the Balkans, where “heroism” not rarely turns into despair, whereas victories in paradoxical defeats. Janeva has already appeared as a witness before the Public Prosecutor’s Office, in the meantime she has appeared with her lawyer, who is a lawyer for one of the defendants in the Empire case.
It is not known whether Janeva will only appear as a witness or will be investigated for the “Racket” case. The results of the algorithms of the unknown are not known. Janeva urged journalists and the public to be patient that everything will be clarified. Her voice in the released footage caused a stir in the public. This voice as an indication of involvement has shaken the “collegiate” reports within the once unique and extremely serious SPO. The SPO has recently been engaged in an invisible battle for survival as an institution, but also as a representative function. This battle is spreading as a challenge to justice already in the Public Prosecutor’s Office. Tautologies in North Macedonia have no end. Justice wanders from one corridor to another, from special settings to general settings.
Janeva remains the “character” that unites “Empire” and “Racket”. The beginning and the end of which metastases are not fully known. The chief prosecutor demands patience, while the confidence in the justice system is increasingly lost. Unless justice says the last word, nothing can be prejudiced. One thing remains certain. Any delay in this case will be considered a punishment for citizens’ trust in justice. No beginning can be so great and no end so tragic. It is enough to move from a belief in the cult to a belief in the system. People come and go, while the system perceived as a constant value remains. The only patience citizens need is to gradually upgrade to this permanent system of values, the one that implies professional dignity and integrity.

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