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May 24, 2022


When the broom, that hygienic tool start sweeping, there is a chance to satisfy justice, but it can easily produce injustice.

writes: Zoran Ivanov


This old folk saying from the title of this text could be a prelude to the justice, so that the July broom could throw the baby out with the bathwater.

And let it swing around if it is simpler and more effective. The broom is not a picky tool for mental and character classification. When something does not work somewhere, it is ready to clean everything. To blow both dry (guilty) and raw (innocent). The epilogue will be that justice has hit somewhere, missed somewhere. So it will easily create injustices.

If it is not carefully selected and on the basis of reliable information and data, in addition to the dry, besides the guilty or incompetent, the broom can easily sweep the valuable and the devoted. But politics is not very careful. For it, as a rule, the general impression of the public is more important than whether someone is unjustly swept, another unfairly missed.

Since hidden identities for events and personalities have been in fashion recently, in this text there is a bit of that fashion, to which the author of these lines is not a supporter at all, yet for this summer Friday this is his superficial but authentic story which, no doubt, will be identified in all its dimensions. As follows:

A state-owned company of a special public interest with a hundred employees and a subtle activity that is mainly, almost entirely financed from the state budget, from the citizens’ money, after the last parliamentary elections two years ago, after who knows what personnel criteria, fell in the hands of a person who not only has no elementary values ​​to manage such a company, but even less able to manage and cooperate during the management. Products of ascension from the important function are arrogance, bluffing, manipulations, lies, ignoring the governing bodies and the legal and statutory procedures.

For this person there is neither a law nor a statute nor boards, nothing. He is his own boss, the main hallmark of his petty-colonial rule in the authoritative state-owned house. Normally, due to the blindness of self-sufficiency and self-esteem, for two years now, as a result of his fluttered functional behavior, he is unable to perceive the real role of his functionary position and the competencies it defines, and, as expected, there are conflicts within the governing body. There is some resignation, the unfavorable situation escalates.

Enthralled with his function and probably convinced that it carries both knowledge and mind and abilities to him, he imposes autocracy as a management style. Perhaps protected by a coalition partner position in power, he imposes his imagined grandeur, thus hiding the ignorance in managing the company. Small-scale public money purchasing procedures and internal support are a separate topic for analysis. They are already talked about out of the collective, and will probably be discussed when the whistleblowers in the company and the competent state structures will start talking about them.

In spite of the legal and statutory authorizations, the misdeeds go in the direction of capturing the administration and placing it only in his personal function, ignoring and isolating the demands and needs of other members of the governing bodies. The representations of fictitious business successes together with the totalitarian manners of the subject to this text, to whom the policy and the law and the statute entrusted the task to implement but not independently to decide, is obviously shocked by the possibility of someone interfering with his conceived despotic role.

For almost a year the misunderstandings in the legal and statutory management body of the company have been escalating. On the other hand, following the policy of accountability and transparency, the responsible and honest people in the management body are constantly fighting, signaling and pointing out the need for normalizing the situation and restoring usurped competencies. There are also resignations, the other higher bodies of the state company are animated. The reasons are analyzed, the carriers are determined and compulsory measures are recommended. In vain. Our subject, the subject in these lines, still does not care. He does his own way. Neither government bodies nor state entities. He writes letters to high-level institutions, slanders, seeks support for his style of government. For him, for the atmosphere in the company’s governing bodies, everyone is guilty, normally, just not him.

But the whole situation with this state-owned company is unimportant and minor in relation to the general one. The reasons are different but the phenomenon is also present in many other similar state environments. That is why the staff broom was announced. It will be used somewhere due to non-performances, somewhere due to abuse of positions. The point is in the human resource selection system and in the need for speed in staffing according to the value criteria. Hence the public’s impression of how the government works, whom and why it tolerates too long for such things and why, instead of now, with the announcement of campaign, it does not sweep more systematically. As it turns out, besides the harmful and dysfunctional, the useful and the functional can very easily suffer.

Naturally, if such personnel are ok for the politics, if it is quiet before their rampage in the management of state resources, it is hers. It is a power and it can change everything, and let them leave such to play with its trust. By the way, I think it is quite clear that this text is not a message for the broom to get our hero of this topic, but merely an attempt to point out the need for politics to rely more on authentic sources and the control institutional mechanisms it has installed. And of course, starting from personal scruples, the author of these lines will never name the actors of the above-described situations. It is worthwhile to register and overcome such phenomena and to be careful when selecting staff because they are both the face and the flare for the success of institutions including the government.

Sweeping has been scheduled for this July. The epilogue and this case will not wait for a long time. The broom has been activated. Someone will be hit, someone will be missed. When this hygienic tool start sweeping, there is a chance to satisfy justice, but it can easily produce injustice. It is therefore important to keep in mind the whole picture as we were for “no justice, no peace”, weren’t we?

Or just some of us were for that? Many of the answers are in the July broom. Hopefully it will not throw the baby out with the bathwater.

It would be a pessimistic message of faith in justice.


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