Todays Date
December 6, 2022


By Trifun Kostovski


We have just entered the long hot summer, the summer heat. These days are hot and hard both factually and symbolically. Temperatures are rising, so it may be time to think and sort things out in freshness.

We are going to have a hot autumn in the political rink. The final redefinition of the complete reconstruction of the Government of the Republic of Macedonia. And we are looking forward to the long-awaited date for negotiations with the European Union. For me, that date does not mean much – it is just the modus, the form of our movement. For me, of crucial importance are the real socio-cultural values ​​that we need to deliver and strengthen. I wonder if we have the capacity for such a step. Are we ready to catch up with the resolution of fundamental objections found in the reports of the European Commission? It is about non-transparent spending of public money, corruption in society and, above all, in the judiciary. And, of course, for me the most important of all is the change in the Electoral Code.

I think that summer will be enough to give thoughtful thinking to people who are in positions and make important decisions. All for one purpose – to pave the way for the European family, not only as a formal member, but as a lifestyle, as a value system, as a culture and as a politically stable and just system.

Next year we are going to have parliamentary elections again. I feel that people are becoming more and more mature, because with their inaction in the election cycle, they refuse to blindly accept the electoral programs of parties that reproduce only the same phrases. This means that citizens produce new fresh ideas, new people who speak not with propagandistic language, but with a normal language anchored in the reality.

I am convinced that the European Union itself will offer that date for the start of negotiations when it becomes more obvious that this country has reached the social development in which each individual will be an example of European values.

I would ask all stakeholders on the political scene to penetrate into a deeper and objective critical analysis of the country’s failed road, which has been going on for three decades, and then offer a solution to get out of this deadlock. I know that building a democratic society is a long process which requires commitment, knowledge, patience, tolerance and, of course, the most important thing, the sense according to which the rule of law should function.

I would not like to go back to refer to how we spent the first three decades of our independence. I want to look into the future. I want to learn lessons from the mistakes we made, in order not to repeat them. I support those politicians who have honest intentions to use politics as a tool for the better of all citizens of the Republic of Macedonia, to be courageous, clear in their attitudes and to convince the citizens not with words but with deeds.

In less than a month we are going to celebrate Ilinden and ASNOM, state-based for the Republic of Macedonia. We celebrate people, famous or not famous, who invested with their lives in building this country. We must thank them. For our time we must be an example of honesty, courage, responsibility, and dedication as they were an example of their time.

I would end up sending a message once again to the actors on the political scene. The people expect concrete solutions, greater dedication and knowledge. In particular, they expect special attention in the creation of staffing solutions, which should respond to all the above-mentioned doubts.


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