Todays Date
September 26, 2021


By Trifun Kostovski


I cannot help but wonder why we have fiasco on the political scene on a daily basis I would say. Thinking about it, I am looking for the genesis for the failure of our political system since its independence to date.

Today the main topic is Zaev’s “broom”. Everywhere in the world, even in our country, there is a fluctuation of the workforce which aims to realize personal ambitions, a safe standard and a stable future. In the economy and business sector such fluctuations are normal and acceptable to me.

But I cannot be convinced that with the current “broom” of Prime Minister Zaev, with the change of a hundred staff in the administration, some of which are high-ranking, we will expect a better tomorrow.

Changing the cadres with new ones, whose qualities and qualifications I doubt, I am convinced that it will force the prime minister to re-use the “broom”. The “broom” is just one, probably not so successful finale to the many accumulated problems in the society. In translation, it means starting bad personnel solutions in the administration. But I go deeper into the analysis of why there is a poor personnel policy that obviously does not work for the public good but for particular interests.

Since independence party leaders have been feeling like sultans who rule without any control, thinking they are all-powerful wizards. In fact, it is a populist model of governance where the party is above the state.

I wonder – do we really live in a true democratic society. Whether Parliament as the highest legislative body is independent and acts for the interests of citizens or acts primarily on party interests.

The position of political parties is the source that imposes the flow of this fatal political scenario for Macedonia. And the top of all these are the bad electoral laws and models that rule in Macedonia.

In my opinion, the current election code is the source of all problems that are further upgraded. Despite all the recommendations in the European Union, which were always positive, no government has solved the real problems that repeat each year. If the Electoral Code is the primary source of our immaturity, how will we deal with all the anomalies that occur in our society: judiciary, education, health, culture and most important – the developmental dimension in the economy.

With his “broom” Mr. Zaev recently cleaned up some of those he himself assigned to certain functions. My question is addressed to all of you, but especially to stakeholders – who is to blame for all this? We are not the ones who elected officials. We, the citizens, do not have any influence on the personnel policies of any authority. Bad personnel policies have inflicted irreparable harm to the whole society. But, therefore, I ask, who is responsible for poor personnel policy. They spend national money or borrowed money that the people will pay back. Each function should be seen from more than one side, but two at most: as a liability and responsibility, and much less as a privilege.

Unfortunately, in the appointment of civil servants and ministers, party affiliation is more important than professional qualifications. It is putting a knife in the heart of the country. The feeling that we are in one place only is so obvious that already most of the citizens are shrouded in resignation and disbelief that it is possible to change the social and political narrative. A strong country is made of strong personalities, with integrity and expertise, and not party obedient.

Unfortunately, with the exception of individuals in the so far three decade statehood of Macedonia, such cases are really rare.

In the end I would also give some suggestions. Firstly, the electoral code must be changed. Establishment of one constituency and nomination of candidates on those lists without party support. People are able to evaluate and select, as well as punish. I believe in it and I want to believe that the better tomorrow will come when the public interest will be above the personal and when people with high professionalism and integrity will get responsible functions. Otherwise, “brooms” will be a reality for us. The irresponsibility for poor staffing policies will be marginalized and we will wait to see what the day will bring, wandering aimlessly and hopelessly in relation to the ultimate goal.

I encourage political parties to democratize their parties. Not to suppress the intellectual or the one who knows more than his superiors. On the contrary, such people should be given wings to upgrade. As many of us, I am also tired of this political everyday life and the unsuccessful reforms in all segments that do not bring any result.


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