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October 18, 2021

HUMAN RESOURCES – being or nonbeing of our country

By Trifun Kostovski


It seems that inside, in the country, things are not in their best. “Stagnant air” is felt, and there is a downturn in development and reforms in the key, vital social segments. My opinion is that this is all due to bad management of human resources. Either right people are not used and involved in the right places, or completely wrong people are placed, without credibility and knowledge, at key operational or advisory positions. Poor personnel policies are detrimental to this government.

In that sense I agree that it is necessary to redefine some key positions and cadres. But the question what basis will it be done on. Whether the particular interests of small interesting groups prevail over the common, general interest that will be in favor of the citizens of the Republic of Macedonia.

I would like to share some of my thoughts about the changes in the top of the ruling party. Many vice-presidents were dismissed, the secretary-general was dismissed, and a new secretary-general was appointed. Anyone who is sincerely concerned about his homeland cannot but perceive certain dilemmas in relation to the future of his country.

Regarding the dismissal of the vice-presidents – this is an intra-party decision, which I personally consider to be good because with so many vice-presidents in the party, whose competencies we, the citizens of the Republic of Macedonia are not familiar with, but of course those functions can be on a voluntary or paid basis, it is possible to have a problem in the more dynamic party functioning.

I would illustrate the importance of personnel policies through my views on economic growth, in which I have the most expertise. I am very sorry that I have not seen any change in the sector that is crucial for the development of the economy and the GDP growth in Macedonia since SDSM took the helm of the country. Personally, I do not agree with the opinion of our PM that the economic growth is slow but good. It is not good at all!

We are lagging behind in economic development in the whole region. Greece, which had a terrible economic blow ten years ago as overindebted, has now stabilized with the measures taken by the Greek government.

I do not see the GDP development in the development of economic zones, which this government fully supports, as did Gruevski’s government. With the free economic zones that occupy one-third of the total GDP we cannot enter the European family. These are rules that apply in the Union and we have to respect them. The so-called nomad economy with the Free Zones is not a true pillar for the country’s economic development.

Many of us do not understand whether Kosovo is a country or protectorate. However, over the past 8 years, Kosovo has built an infrastructure that we can only envy. They have built the highways to Albania and Skopje. This means that they have opened the roads in the direction of their country’s desired strategic associates. We as a country have been an independent country for three decades and we have built very few infrastructure capital investments. Serbia has recently also launched the highway from Leskovac to Skopje, which passes through the Grdelica gorge, 140 kilometers long.

I am referring to these parameters for the reason that the government must be responsible to the citizens, but also to itself, about what should be delivered as an internal reform. It is already undoubted that all the governments of the Republic of Macedonia have no vision of what is most important for the rapid economic development in the country.

Of course the issue of rapid development in the country is related to human resources. It is not unknown that Gruevski’s former government recruited people who belonged to other political options in their ranks. Today I see that practice continues. I would not like to mention names – the public already knows very well. Those who used to say the finest words about criminals from the previous government, today enter as advisors to this government. Subordinating spirit and personal interests continue to reign. It is obvious that there is a lack of knowledge and credibility in the ranks of the current government.

We are going to have new regular parliamentary elections in a year and a half. I do not know and I do not care about their result. I definitely want the two leading parties to come out with integrity, knowledge, experience and commitment for mutual and not personal good. The late Foreign Minister of the Soviet Union Milotov used to say: “Young people start a revolution, but experienced and knowledgeable people build the country”.

Unfortunately, we lack that practice in our country.

My view is that in every election cycle the citizens of the Republic of Macedonia come out to punish the bad policies of the political parties. Are we, the citizens to blame, or is it the delivery of the results to blame? And I think that we can neither praise with arguments, nor criticize with arguments.

Certainly, congratulations to Mr. Zaev for resolving the name dispute. However, my greetings end here. In his government there is an army of advisors, but no results can be seen.

In any case an expensive government but a poor country.


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