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June 27, 2022

Firstly, secondly, thirdly and a word on Priebe

This time the colorful revolution will not happen to the president, but the colorful revolution will get a new slap.

writes: Zoran Ivanov


Firstly, polemics about abolition or pardon are incomprehensible. Will the incumbent president still amnesty the remaining not amnestied regarding the events of 27 April two years ago? Will he do it symbolically these days at the second anniversary of the storming in the assembly, will it be the new conciliatory Saturday versus the bloody Thursday.

Of course, as is the case with such events, learned from the experience of the previous attempted abolition made by himself, or rather under the command of his competent Gruevski, and caused the colorful revolution, George Ivanov will now wait for the signal from the above. So far, at least publicly, he has no visa for it this time, although he is at the very end of his term, and nobody can do anything to him, he will not risk re-making a foolish decision without an amen from the competent outside. And nothing from the amnesty without ordering it.

He certainly, regardless of the legal interpretations with the famous article eleven which, at the time of Gruevski took from Crvenkovski and who now tied Ivanov’s hands regarding the amnesty, wishes the situation for the more glorious completion of his ten-year mandate. After that, in the name of the higher goals, politically-packed liberation events, another legal precedent is possible. Some broad interpretation of the abolished jurisdiction of the president for the amnesty to become certain. With various non legal and unrighteous political equilibrisms the legal order has been destroyed; another such posturing is possible by the end of the month again in the name of some higher, now united reconciliation goals. And with law and justice everything from the beginning again. From scratch on and we will see.

Our state has shown that it is political, polycratic, non-institutional and analogous to that and our society too weak to deal with any more complicated situation. From each and every smaller political crisis, foreigners, various diplomats, mediators, peacekeepers help us out. And now Ivanov is awaiting approval and he seems to get it. It islikely to be another harmful, but necessary compromise. This time for the SPO and for some kind of ironing of injustice, for some equality in the blame for the bloody Thursday. Something like for the MPs before, now for the perpetrators, too. The inspirer has anyway run away in Europe, with the same amen from outside and inside. The inglorious will be that the man, who has regressed the country with his presidency for over a decade, will be the hero peacemaker for many. This time the colorful revolution will not happen to the president, but the colorful revolution will get a new slap.

After all, we will not get a date for starting negotiations with the EU in June. Certainly not. Brussels will wait for us to finish with another dirty work and only then will we be given a chance to remember Reinhard Priebe. Someone to finally open his notebook with school tests intended for our political elites. Until then we will doze on the bench at the old Balkan station waiting for the freight train for Europe.

Secondly, why Gordana Siljanovska cannot be the president of North Macedonia. And she will not be for a few simple reasons: First, it is a personal choice of Hristijan Mickovski. President of VMRO-DPMNE but not the leader of that big and influential political party. She is his staff, but not a reflection of the wishes of the silent and in the internal staffing without a soundless party membership. Secondly, she has lost herself in the controversy of the internal party undefined and for post-Gruevski-time non-adapted policies. Stuck between the cover of the textbooks of law, the professor apparently slept the lessons of politics, from that vulgar tool of the mighty. With her theory she draws on the slippery pragmatic political field, and now before the end of the campaign she is seeking logical promises. Thirdly, perhaps the most essential, she is still silent about the past decade’s Macedonian history. About the time and works of Gruevski and the team from the party that now offers her to be the mother of the nation. Not a word about the totalitarian rule of the ones she now represents in these elections. Not a word of comfort for the sufferers, or a condemnation for the perpetrators that led the country to the last international democratic staircase. Ignoring the recent past, she has practically legitimized herself as a proponent and a follower of the unreformed and cadre unclear party structure defined as the presidential candidate’s regime.

Thirdly, Stevo Pendarovski is right that for the country the EU and NATO are the essence of its security, unity and European progress. Left to the home party structures, for three decades now, we have been powerless for any kind of moving from the mud that with crime, corruption, nepotism, more or less, is made by every government. But he, protecting SDSM, his main party promoter, did not speak a word or something very little about the current more visible corruption, nepotism, protectionism and all other deviant privileges that each government, and this one too, practices.

Blerim Reka also failed to rise above his own local national credo. He failed to shift the bar to the national one and to present itself as a possible civilian president for the whole country. Contrary to his proclamations of the Republic for all, he has been emphatically guarding the rhetoric of his party promoters in whose matrix the national is still high above the civilian.

The elections are in a day. It would be best for them to successfully end on May 5. Mostly for electoral maltreatment not to continue and finally to start working on Priebe’s tasks. Without that, there is neither an invitation for the EU, or anything else. With the North Alliance the job is done. Everything else is now only a local obligation, and this is common for both the government and the opposition. It would be elementary clever for both of them to finally understand and accept it.

The main political structures to finally find a denominator and begin to organize the country. For those reasons, if you look from the angle of that perspective and if the state still has to have a president, let it be Pendarovski. This is for the simple reason that his political philosophy is at least realistic and pragmatic, concrete and perspective. He does not speak nonsense and does not tell fortunes about changing the past, but promises steps forward. His motto is in the harsh truth that the country, the Republic of North, or only the Republic, or only Macedonia, as you like it, without integration, has no chance to move a millimeter in progress for democracy, the rule of law, the economy, the welfare, education, culture, sports.

Firstly, secondly, thirdly and… in this election campaign nobody has yet mentioned our guide to Europe, Mr. Reinhard Priebe.

So if both the government and the opposition continue to ignore his directions, all of us, altogether with our dear homeland, are certain to fail.


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