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June 27, 2022



By Bardhyl ZAIMI


The universal cultural heritage remains a triumph of the human soul over the eroding of time. This heritage represents the creative side of the human being who survives, the signs of human exaltation through time. Culture is essentially differentiation of man from nature. Throughout the centuries, the entire cultural production, all manifestations of material and spiritual culture, has created an unprecedented universe of human beings that is transmitted from one generation to the next. In this common human heritage, the past, the present and the future are encountered.
A human being does not recognize only the present, but on the contrary it recognizes the magnificence of the past, which comes through the many works of the creative spirit. Through the centuries, human life has gained the meaning through the creation of this laborious process and the countless efforts that have created the cultural universe in which the existence of man is spreading as a unique and unrepeatable entity. The past comes in our time as a will of heritage, with all the beauty and splendor cultivated by the creative spirit.
There are thousands of buildings in the world that represent the world culture heritage. Such is the Notre Dame cathedral in Paris, which has now become a magnificent monument to this heritage and has appeared proud with unmatched charm for eight centuries. All those who have visited the cathedral have had the opportunity to see the magnificent beauty, which represents, as it is said, Gothic architecture.
Despite this definition that this cathedral belongs to Gothic architecture, writer Victor Hugo, in the novel “The Virgin of Paris” (Notre-Dame de Paris), explains that the cathedral’s structure is not only Gothic, but retains the elements of Roman art in it. In the overall production of cultural heritage there are layers of previous styles, which then absorbed by the creative spirit gave other unrepeatable specimens of art and culture.
Fatal fire these days destroyed this model of universal architecture, which has long ago secured the greatness and admiration of people from all over the world. Sad news that reached the hearts of many people. The fire that became the world news has driven people from everyday life, even from the grotesque “neighborhoods”. A “flood” of sad reactions and solidarity also appeared on social networks. It looks like some sort of identification, a kind of overcoming the ordinary situation with artistic aesthetics. Perhaps not everyone can deeply understand the importance of this architectural masterpiece, but everyone projects themselves into a common world heritage that reflects with their own magnitude.
Notre Dame Cathedral would unlikely not have had this global popularity without that power and creative beauty given by the writer of European Romanticism Victor Hugo. It is precisely his novel “The Hunchback of Notre-Dame” which made it famous among readers of all nations. The characters, Esmeralda and Quasimodo will be embodied with the great passion of love and the grotesque exterior, while the details of the back of the cathedral will be immortalized as an architectural work with the title “Notre Dame de Paris.”
Over time, this cathedral was demolished, while during the French Revolution it also suffered numerous destructions. With the power of his soul Hugo again raised this cathedral, sometimes as a background and sometimes as a focus of detail. He was not excited by the restorations that were made after the revolution, because he appreciated its original forms without any subsequent additions and corrections.
Victor Hugo’s novel, that will find a place and inspiration in other genres such as theater, film and opera, will give eternal magnificence to this cathedral, which will be an inspiration for many visitors from around the world. Notre Dame Cathedral remains a symbol of its architectonic uniqueness, but also an urban symbol of identification with beauty and human love that appears through Hugo’s novel.
This mesh emerged after the sad news and millions of people around the world expressed their solidarity. Identification of what is out of everyday habit and boring routines. The whole world heritage actually represents this unique value. It represents the greatness of the past that comes as an inspiration for the present and for the human future.
Undoubtedly, whenever such inherited treasures are damaged or destroyed for various reasons, people’s solidarity remains undisputed, because the miracles that come from distant times remain necessary to speak of our time and future. There is already an international convention approved by UNESCO in 1972 in Paris to preserve this world heritage through which cultural and natural heritage is defined and protected.
Every object that represents cultural heritage enjoys protection from this Convention. Every object is an unrivaled copy of the world cultural heritage. Without this heritage, a human being would risk living in a uniformed present. This heritage gives meaning to the present and to the future.
Despite the damage caused by the fire, it has already been announced that the Notre Dame cathedral will be “restored” from the ashes with the same brilliance. This is not only damage to this cathedral, but the greatest damage through centuries. Of course, the will to “reconstruct” is great. Such architectural objects represent the stunning beauty of creative ingenuity. A statement by an architect goes in addition to this goal: “Architecture is the triumph of the soul over the gravitational force”!

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