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December 7, 2021


By Trifun Kostovski 

Dear readers, I did not intend to comment at all on the presidential campaigns of the current candidates. But this is certainly a time of marketing shaping of life, messages, politics. The time of billboard smiles behind which lies the appearance of reality, false promises, empty rhetoric, and empty phrases.

Some of the things that I have noticed in the current presidential campaign are really disturbing for me and I would like to share them.

With great attention I followed the duel between Zaev and Mickovski and it did not offer anything new. The ending of the debate, it can be said, was synonymous with a cockfight in a cockpit – everyone crowing that his candidate would win, without a grounded argumentation. I think that such a political culture and communication of political elites is belittling for us citizens.

I wonder if we are electing a president for all the citizens of the Republic or a president as some individuals want and expect that the future president should be a servant to the individual, not to the common interests. I would like the citizens’ underestimating to finally stop. Our political leaders are probably not aware that by belittling the citizens they belittle themselves.

The second thing I would like to point out in these ten days since the beginning of the campaign is that it is Mr. Reka that most meets the criteria for the president of the Republic of North Macedonia. But it is clear to all of us that this society is not yet mature enough to have a president who is Albanian. Both the so-called independent candidates of the two largest Macedonian parties have their own basic motive, diametrically opposed to that of the other – one defends the Prespa Agreement already recognized by the international community, including the Russian Federation, and ratified and constitutionally implemented by the parliaments of Greece and Macedonia, which is a completed process for me and many others. On the other hand, in the personality of candidate Gordana Siljanovska Davkova, supported by DPMNE, we have the defense of the so-called “Macedonian cause”. Both candidates promise hills and valleys, and even promise such things that go beyond the powers of the constitution.

Mr. Pendarovski defends something that is a real reality. And Mrs. Davkova Sliyanovska attacks something that she knows she can neither change nor block, that is the Prespa Agreement and the change of the name. Of course I am not even happy with the change of the name, but life has taught me to be pragmatic with one and only goal. To continue our culture, our language, our existence in history, according to a contemporary democratic and emancipating way.

I would say a few words about Mrs. Siljanovska Davkova. Gordana, whom should you serve to? Gordana, you were, at one time, the chief adviser during my mandate as a Member of Parliament, when we jointly advocated the unjust territorial division of the municipalities in the Republic of Macedonia. Gordana, a wonderful professor and teacher and the students respect you, but I cannot avoid the impression that you may have fled from the geography classes where you should have studied the urban toponyms in our country. I know you will not get angry, because I was the first to contact you on the phone and told you that the billboards for your campaign are catastrophically bad. That is not you…

My dear readers, I do not know Mr. Pendarovski well and I cannot give any opinion. But he should find a new dimension in his very boring campaign that will encourage the interest of citizens to listen, understand and accept.

Since 1994 I have always attended all election cycles in the country. Everyone swearing that we have democratic elections, but unfortunately we are witnessing a pure farce. The same methods are used as Jankulovska and Janakieski, with a guaranteed number of votes, which should be provided by every new employee from the current party in power. I wonder if the people who are organizing the elections are convinced that the people are really so ignorant that they cannot judge what they really need, what kind of person in politics we should have for leaders in all spheres.

Unfortunately, every election cycle repeats the same methods and I get the impression that being a politician is the most prestigious and most profitable profession in our country.

I would not want to maliciously hint at anyone and anything, but I simply ask for justice and honesty in the behavior of the political elites through which we will become a responsible and emancipated society.

In the end, the irony to be even greater, I must ask: who finances the campaigns of the two seemingly independent candidates? Are they truly independent candidates self-financed or funding goes through their supporting parties, collecting an expensive tax from their supporters to finance their personal ambitions and vanities of their leaders?

I have taken part in two campaigns as an independent candidate. I paid my independence with my own money. I did not allow any of the parties that supported me to cover my expenses. That is why I will repeat – the farce continues.

I think that there is no need to say more – a democratic right is for every individual if he wants to go out and vote for the one he trusts. But believe me, I do not think it is inappropriate to call the candidates in the Macedonian political bloc “unbelievers”, but I am convinced that they themselves do not believe in their promises.

That is all from me on this topic, dear readers. We want to be part of the European family, and we behave irresponsibly and opposed to all European democratic imperatives. We need a president of the state who will represent all citizens, and not be his funders’ toady.

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