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May 24, 2022

What quality is the water citizens of Skopje drink?

By Trifun Kostovski 


While I was mayor of Skopje, the provision of quality and potable water was one of my priorities. On March 22, the World Water Day was celebrated. In that honor we received lamentations from the leaders of the city that the citizens of Skopje drink perfectly clean and quality water. There is no doubt that the Rashche spring and the wells in Nerezi offer quality water that is controlled daily by the laboratory of Water and Sewage. I want to point out that until the other day I was convinced myself that this water, distributed to the homes from Rashche and Nerezi was quality and potable.

Regarding water quality there are parameters that need to be controlled on a daily basis. Unfortunately, we have to conclude and be aware that there is a great difference in the quality of the water at the spring and what the citizens of Skopje receive in their homes, because along its trajectory it loses its quality.

Recently I was visited randomly at my home by young technologists who offered to check the tap water we use for drinking. From this visit I was taught what quality water for daily consumption is, either directly or through food and cooking. Measuring instruments showed that the water was neither for drinking, nor for cooking. And this was proved by an electrolysis made with tap water in a glass. The water was subjected to a strong electric voltage of 220 V. At the same time, they extracted water that was already filtered with the addition of minerals necessary for water and at the same moment electro analysis was carried out in both glasses.

I would not want to scare you dear fellow citizens, but what was presented to me was really disturbing and disappointing. I will list only a few elements that were specific for both types of water, one distilled and the other tap. The tap water changed its color and became dark mud even dark mushy green, with a high layer of unwanted metals and non-metals in the water like lead, zinc, iron and asbestos. All of them, and especially the heavy metals, caused anxiety and social concern as it is about the health and life of almost one million citizens. At the same time, the tap water drastically raised the water temperature in the glass, while the water temperature in the other glass was almost the same as before. The explanation of the expert team was that this water heating was caused by heavy metals in the water that are conductors of electricity and heat the water.

We must not be blind to the real problems that directly affect human life. It is about water that is an essential element in the survival of human life. I appeal to the authorities in the city not to deceive us with the fact that we have quality water at the springs. It is necessary to speak and bear responsibility for the quality of water in our homes. Because it directly affects human life.

I would like to point out one more thing related to the quality of the water at the spring Rashche. It is about the fact that the water path from the high Shar Planina peaks to Rashche on Mount Zheden, which, according to my knowledge, lasts 11 years, is still uncontrolled by man. During my mandate, I was thinking of making a cartographic sketch of the underground roads of those waters. Many will ask why. Because in the Tetovo region illegal buildings are more than a reality. And in my mayoral term from 2005 to 2009 there were about 5000 septic tanks located around the spring Rashche and the mountain Zheden. I am convinced that the number of septic tanks today has tripled. In my opinion, it is a matter of time when the feces of septic tanks will come in contact with the underground trails of the water that has been filling the spring Rashche for centuries.

The problem is not naïve at all. It is about our lives. Therefore, I propose that the competent authorities take all the necessary scientific research and use all available technological means, including purification stations, in order to solve the problem as every modern civilization.

I assure you that while I lived in Vienna, I always drank tap water those 15 years. But the quality of the water was scientifically guaranteed, tested and healthy for the consumer’s life. In Vienna, nobody is allowed to play with the life of the citizens because the consequences of such irresponsibility and fraud are severe and big.

Is it time for a complete reconstruction of the water supply network in Skopje – the science and the decision-making bodies should determine it. In the end, I would like to reiterate – people’s health is a top imperative for every city and municipality leader. We can provide this health with quality food and water using all social segments and technologies that will be in function of quality health, education and which will enable healthy and quality life.

Dear father of the City of Skopje, the text may affect you because it is quite opposite of your arguments that we drink healthy and clean water. However, I would like to advise you on the best, and you must know it, that you must urgently reconsider the quality of the water that comes to the homes of the citizens of Skopje.

After this well-intentioned civic article I expect you to take adequate measures

And I advise you, my dear fellow citizens, to be careful and try to check things that are promoted as healthy and quality for consumption. Gifts of nature are not given once and for all. We have the responsibility to take care of them and their quality and to keep them for future generations.


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