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September 24, 2022

Irreconcilable gap between the Macedonians?


By Denko Maleski

These days, a friend with his critical remarks about what I had written, ruined my morning, if not the day. He accused me of spreading fake enthusiasm over the fate of the country with the text “Feel free to say Macedonia”. The conclusion of his argument was that, after proclaiming the new northern Macedonian nation (!?), he wondered if the Macedonians would succeed in overcoming the internal ethnic conflict. Unfortunately, his opinion was that they would not. He said that an irreconcilable gap in the Macedonian tissue had been created, and from now on it would only die off. He hoped only that he would not experience its definitive death. So, that it would die before the nation died.
I was worried wondering why I could not see this mortal danger in our nation that comes from the Prespa Agreement? Well, our nation, Macedonian and our Macedonian language, according to the word of the Prespa Agreement, will be promoted in the company of the two Western Union’s unions: NATO and the EU. Such international affirmation has probably been the most significant in the history of our people since World War II. The circumstances in which our nation and our language was created, from the years when the generation of our fathers and grandfathers gathered words in the villages to codify the Macedonian literary language in 1944, until its international recognition in the sixties, when it was listed on the European languages, were never easy, but heroic and virtuous. But are these the most difficult circumstances for the nation today? And where is the enthusiasm that this nation and language was created with? Which armchair is it asleep in?
The Prespa Agreement, which raises the Greek blockade of the affirmation of the Macedonian language and nation, is an extent that is understood only by those who know the former politics of Greece, guided by the principle “what they (Macedonians) do, you undo”. Especially in the diplomatic or cultural field, where there was war against us. Now, we have overcome this difficult period. Nothing stops us on the road to win the world if we want. With our cultural, artistic or scientific work, of course. But the world is not to blame for us not being able to settle our own house: we are not united; we have weak democracy, economy, judiciary, education, health, political thought and everything else. There is no cure from the outside, because no one can save us from ourselves. But now, as part of the Western alliances, we have the chance to fix it all. Without those alliances we have no chance. If we could face these European challenges united, things would go much faster, but, unfortunately, we are a deeply divided society. So divided that now the government and the opposition are doing what the Greeks did to us on the international scene: what one does, the other undoes. My friend (a lawyer) is worried whether our Macedonian (North-Macedonian) nation will overcome the internal ethnic conflict. What is the source of that conflict, what are the Macedonians arguing about? And what is the irreconcilable gap that can lead to the death of the nation? The Prespa Agreement that paves the way for NATO and EU membership? No. The answer is much simpler and is written in all historical workbooks: the struggle for power. The Prespa Agreement is only the last good excuse to continue and intensify the party war that has been going on since 1991 and which hampers the progress of the country. War is a human natural state, for everything else a civilization is required which requires an effort to change. We do not have a democratic system, nor do we want to build it, because, to repeat an old phrase, it takes two to tango. We do not want to build a system that will allow a painless change of policies with a change of government and control over every form of ruling over others. We look like some kind of country from the Middle Ages in which after the death of the ruler, there was a chaos and conflict of various political fractions in the struggle for bare power. It is a modern continuation of that struggle in which, in the past, father killed a son, and brother killed a brother. Today’s Macedonians, incapable of democratic behavior, agreements and compromises, are quarreling about who will rule, and that is the “irreconcilable gap” that can destroy the country and the nation. Politicians craving for power.
That is the “irreconcilable gap” and not the Prespa Agreement. The objection is that such decisions are made by consensus, says the opposition, the president of the country and their presidential candidate. Is there anyone who does not know that such decisions are made by consensus? Yes, such big decisions are made by consensus. But they are made! It is not just talked about being made by consensus, as our politicians did for thirty years. For, when the time is up for the country as a result of the changed international circumstances, then decisions such as Prespa, which regional peace and the interests of the great powers depend on, are simply made. Consensus or not, and at all costs – with bought or sold MPs, and everything else you can imagine that deviates from the ideal of law and justice. Strength and interests take place on stage. And we have not seen anything from that terrifying arsenal in our country. You do not like the world? Neither do I. But such is the world in which we live and anyone who dares to lead a country needs to know this.
So, the main problem is that our parties are not able to make decisions through consensus. It was like that at the beginning of independence, for the UN, it is so now, at the time of accession to NATO and the EU. Well, such irresponsible behavior in politics, seen through the prism of struggle for power, can kill an entire nation. In a democratic country, where there is a dialogue, consensus, such a fatal outcome is impossible. Here lies the real danger for the country and the people, not in this or that article of the Prespa Agreement. But look at an extreme case, to make it clearer. The case with Syria. There, the struggle for power has battered both the country and the nation. Do not think that Macedonia is something else. Think again…The principle is the same, only the consequences are different. With this political culture, if we were not in Europe, but somewhere in the Middle East, I can easily imagine Macedonia as Syria.
Now, imagine a manifestation of unity that would delight Europe: a million Macedonians in support of a common presidential candidate, united, bravely accepting the new realities of the Prespa Agreement, determined to make the country a prosperous, free and lawful state, to which they are joined by Albanians and other ethnic communities. The parties refuse to think about this: slaughtering will continue. For Prespa? That is a lie. Prespa is just an excuse for a merciless battle for power and greatness.


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