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December 7, 2021

Election Stock Market (3): (SELF)CENSORSHIP

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The opposition has played their trump card. By showing the documents, with a transcript of a telephone dialogue between two interlocutors, social democrats are trying to dethrone the ruling “family”. Only Telma TV, News 24, Alsat, Utrinski, several portals and websites decided to prevent collective journalistic guillotine. Of over 100 TVs, eight newspapers and over 100 portals, only 10 percent released a report of the press conference by the SDSM leader. The blockade was complete, within the most widely read and most-viewed, with oligarchic owners and editorial tycoons.


Media and institutional.

The Prime Minister is ignoring the comments, the prosecutor is dying eggs before Easter.

The most unscrupulous (self)censorship in the government media has risen. There is no fundamental news, a word, interpretation, analysis, even modest alibi analysis to slack the basic information to start looking and autonomously present its verified authenticity. There is not even expected discredit on the actors if they maliciously, unfoundedly, open the affair. At least journalistic “spin doctors” are experts on it. Media hypocrisy is even greater when in one pro-government portal you will read just one interpreted comment by the subscription expert, government lawyer, about NOTHING. There is no news about WHO, WHEN, HOW, WHERE, WHAT…

The editors who had full freedom in writing and TV appearances in the weekly Fokus, Vreme, A1, were mute… They are hypocritically silent, as the final epitaph of journalistic profession they are trying to banalise and discredit.

When Russian invasion of Czechoslovakia started, after six months democratic spring implied by Dubcek, the editor of communist Pravda in Moscow rang Mikhail Suslov. The dialogue was short.

– Which page should I announce the launch of the operation?, asked the editor of the newspaper with a circulation of millions.

– Haven’t you printed the newspaper yet? – briefly replied the high educated communist ideologue Suslov, the founder of the Theory of “Limited Sovereignty”, activated by Brezhnev.

Macedonian Suslov is finally legitimized.

(Self)censorship in Macedonia is complete.

The “track rod” of VMRO-DPMNE with Macedonian Bank for the past 15 years has been permanent, partisan and personal, from its ruthless takeover, to transfer of the ownership package, sale and liquidation. It had dirt in it with the formation of the share capital of the director tandem Trpevski and Tozija during 1994 – 1998 and the Crvenkovski’s government until the attempted merger with Almako Bank and the interference of the now convicted Nini in Serbia and Smilenski in Macedonia, from the period of Georgievski and Gruevski.

Revealing the crime about and in the bank, the roll calls for the (dis)honest Gruevski, as the propagandist machine of Zaev and Shekerinska detects him, comes at the peak of the campaign. The blockade by ​​the media under the control of the center of “Ilindenska St.”, could have been assumed. It is hard to expect a spectacular turnaround in the electoral math of SDSM, with (un)timely opening of the crime of these ruling elites. This campaign PR engineering may have an effect on long-term ideological trails. But we are far from a new social-democratic matrix for more balanced social redistribution of equity and wealth, models or ideas for revision of some of the criminal privatizations, the latest sale of land, abuses of subsidies, lucrative spending budgets…evaluation of living labor as part of profits , welfare state now, not electoral demagogy with public money. The expertise of the tape has a legal meaning, but the naked eye sees what does not have to be recorded. The (in)dependence of the prosecution, the financial police, the Intelligence Agency are now tested, which are completely marginalized with confiscated personal and professional identity.

Macedonia will not miss the tide of post-transition calculations on suspicion of “bribery” within PMs in the region. The fraud of the Slovenian Janez Jansa was revealed by foreigners. The media in Ljubljana did not censor it. After the affair “Patria” with the procurement of armored vehicles in 2006, he ended up with a two-year prison sentence. First Jansa, who was in the first lines for independent Slovenia in the battle with JNA, then Croatia’s Sanader is in prison with a 10-year sentence (see what a coincidence) for a commission of 480 thousand Euros in 1994 that he took from the Austrian Hypo Bank as Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs.

When it comes to corruption, patriotic-party transactions, punishment or isolation follows even large European politicians. Helmut Kohl, who served as Chancellor for 16 years, the unifier of Germany, the initiator of the European Monetary Union, has paid the price of political and media discrediting for a suspected party donation from a German businessman.

Macedonian editors and opinion makers, together and without censorship write about the neighborhood. They do not look to their own backyard.

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