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December 6, 2022


By Trifun Kostovski 


Dear readers,

Anyone who is deeply committed to his country, who tries to contemplate the future of a society that will be emancipating, solidary, democratic and European from the bottom of the soul and mind, surely has the right to be concerned and constructively critically articulated in observations of what it is and what it should be. Such was the spirit of Krste Petkov Misirkov, such was the spirit of the revivalists, that was the spirit of those who made this country after the Second World War. Such should be our spirit-progressively responsible in relation to current social dynamics.

Macedonia is everything to me. I have had the opportunity to live in the developed democratic countries. But, I decided to return here and devote myself to my homeland – Macedonia. May I be forgiven by the government representatives, but I do not want to use North intentionally, because the word north is only a geographical determinant, and eventually that right belongs to everyone in the way of thinking and accepting things, because all the citizens of Macedonia and the world community are aware that this is an imposed, but inevitably necessary solution.

Not to be misunderstood, I support the Prespa Agreement only with one single goal, and that is to survive as a country and nation and to further freely create our future. That is all from me regarding the term NORTH.

Dear readers, we have entering NATO and of course the negotiations for entering the European family in sight. The biggest dilemmas that arise in my thinking are how we will manage to successfully complete the negotiations with the European Union. You will ask why?

The time passed when members of the so-called Eastern bloc, who joined the European Union, entered the European family with the minimum necessary reforms, without the need for a geo-strategic upgrade of the union. Latvia, Letonia and Estonia, Bulgaria and Romania did not meet the requirements imposed by the European Union.

The story ended here and new and more stringent criteria for incorporating into this family have been set for us. The reasons for this strictness of the Europeans towards us for me lies in the fact that, in the rapid spread of the European Union, there have been major flaws and if we want to look at its reality, the differences from country to country are enormous on all grounds: economic, social, and especially in terms of democratic values and the rule of law.

I do not want to be a skeptic and say that Macedonia will not succeed on its road, but that road will be very painstaking. To walk this road we need real people, in the right place. Unfortunately, at the moment I cannot see such people at the current political scene.

For two decades now we have been trapped in the party-sultan context, in which the party is more important than the country, and the members of the parties and their nobles overnight receive functions, very responsible ones, for which they are not capable of responding decently and with high expertise.

One of the most cancerous tissues in our society is the personnel policy run in the last two decades in the Republic of Macedonia.

Persons armed with skills and knowledge are marginalized and devalued, with one purpose only, not to hurt the interests and the leader of the party. That, dear readers, does not resemble democracy but an authoritarian concept of governance.

There will be a presidential election, with perhaps the two most serious candidates for this post from the Macedonian bloc, both coming from the sphere of education.

Now I would not like to give an advantage to anyone or predict – everyone should have space in the following period to argue his ideological, political, expert and human positions and qualities. And we will estimate in the end.

Whoever wins should win in a democratic way, but he/she must be aware that the function of the president of the country seems seemingly irrelevant, but for me it is a very important function. The President is an institution that is responsible for the stability and unity of the country.

I most responsibly ask the current Government of Macedonia whether a team of experts has been built in all areas for the upcoming negotiations with the European Union.

From the Government I expect the virtue to overcome itself and its vanities and engage the strongest potential of human resources in the areas it will negotiate with the European Union.

Of course, I want us to enter the European family, but I would like to point out that Europe will not spill money in Macedonia to raise the economy, standard and all segments in our society. The European Union will insist on finding a true partner and negotiator that will determine the mutual benefits and will build a platform for the possible faster development of the Republic of Macedonia.

My dear, the fall of a system that lasted 13 years and was well infiltrated in all segments of society is a difficult thing.

For this act, I thank everyone involved in the country, but also those from the international community who helped to contribute to the fall of an authoritarian and undemocratic regime.

Now the question arises what further? The current Government, which has been functioning for two years, apart from delivering a solution to the decades-old problem with our southern neighbor, delivered nothing more to convince the citizen of creating a new social narrative, in line with European democratic progressive values.

I am very sorry to say that this Government also practices the same principle as the previous one – the party over the country.

The apathy of the citizens from this behavior of the political parties in power is apparent, and it results in the growing emigration of the young population, in which we, including the parents themselves, have invested, we have prepared or equipped them with knowledge and skills, and today we let them leave the country and build as Kosta Racin says “on others’ holdings”. It is even worse that it is a regenerative population that needs to extend the survival of the country.

Dear all, although the answer to the question WHERE IS MACEDONIA GOING seems clear, because we all know that it is going to NATO and the European Union, my impression is that there remains a great unknown and a hazy horizon to where the Macedonian society is moving from within. Perhaps we will reach NATO and the European Union, but I am afraid that we will lose ourselves from within, remaining trapped in a culture dominated by small personal and party interests rather than common goods and interests. And a country and a stable emancipated society are not built like that.


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