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December 6, 2022

Controversial “Securicom” in bankruptcy, former employees waiting for salaries

The company that secured state facilities until last year went bankrupt “Securicom” and the owner Wolfgang Gamper suspected of a crime worth 11 million Euros

Aleksandar Todeski

The controversial Austrian company “Securicom” of the fugitive Wolfgang Gamper went bankrupt, confirms Primary Court Skopje 2 for “Inbox7”. The company goes bankrupt as a debtor of salaries for the employees. Apart from those undertaken by the General and Common Affairs Office, salaries have not been received by those employed by the company as hygienists and security of other facilities.

The MPM bankruptcy manager has taken over “Securicom”

Primary Court Skopje 2 for “Inbox7” confirmed the information that a bankruptcy procedure has been opened for the company.

“We would like to inform you that at the hearing for examining the conditions for opening a bankruptcy proceeding over the debtor, the Company for security and services Securicom multiservice international DOOEL Skopje, held on 28.02.2019, the court brought a decision to open a bankruptcy procedure over the debtor”, they say from the court.

Zivko Kalkov from Skopje was appointed as bankruptcy manager, also appointed for Media Print Macedonia, the company which owned the frozen daily newspapers “Utrinski”, “Vecer” and “Vest” , and is under investigation by the Special Public Prosecutor’s Office in the case “Empire”.

Some of the former employees of “Securicom” for Inbox7 say that these days they will seek a meeting with the bankruptcy manager to talk to him about the salaries the company owns them. They protested several times in front of the company’s headquarters demanding their salaries, but after the company had decided to move to another location, and employees did not know where the new address was, they protested in front of the government.

“Securicom” in two charges, the owner Gamper at large

As already written before in our investigation, although pointed out as a company that did not work legally, “Securicom” received tenders for cleaning, ongoing maintenance, typographical services and security from the General and Common Affairs Office (POPs) in all governments until now.

For the last tender last year, GCAO decided to separate the procedures and instead of using a public procurement to require all services, each of these services to be on a separate tender. So, after 16 years, other companies received tenders.

Instead of a payroll, “Securicom” was then found in the Criminal Court, as the Financial Intelligence Directorate accused the former director of the GCAO, Vase Donevski and Securicom owner Wolfgang Gamper of misusing their official duties and causing damage to the state budget of 11 million Euros.

Donevski was taken into custody and Gamper was stripped of his passport, but despite this precautionary measure he managed to leave the country and return to his native Austria, where he now moves freely.

The name of the company was also mentioned in the trial of illegal financing of VMRO-DPMNE, a case that the Special Public Prosecutor’s Office (SLO) called “Titanic”.

In the indictment of the SLO “Securicom”, together with several other companies, during the election campaign in 2011 paid for computer mouse pads, cup coasters, but also for services for a stage, speakers and reflectors in the total amount of 3,120,770 denars, an amount that three companies divided, thus avoiding to be registered as VMRO-DPMNE donors.