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December 7, 2021


It will be interesting if the former Parliament speaker had bargained at the expense of the skin of his ex-leader and if he promised someone somewhere to point his finger to Budapest.

writes: Zoran Ivanov


A farce of the week was the night session in the Macedonian assembly. DUI saved Veljanovski’s skin. It announced it first with the runaway of its committee member for immunity-mandated topics and then the speaker Xhaferi, the man from the same acting team, finished the story the minute after twelve, immediately after the timing signal. Of course, animated extras from SDSM and VMRO-DPMNE helped. Acting, legal burlesque. No citizens, no justice, no court. Priests in agreement do not fast on Fridays. A party country with party headquarters may enter NATO, but it will wait for a while for the EU. It is dishonest that they make citizens acting as blind to what is happening.
After all, will Xhaferi explain why the performance was projected at only three hours and to the eyes of the entire public, seemingly spontaneous, he led the session towards shortage of time. Will Bogoevski explain how he packed the unresolved commission result? Will Mitrevski, Miloshoski, Grubi, Ilievski, Zekiri, Kamcheska do the same for their respective roles and other active parliamentary actors. Will they say why that night they made the public stupid?
With the entire fence that some of the involved were not informed about the script, DUI would have to explain the apparent party order for the male escape of its MP from the session of the parliamentary committee. Instead of the clumsy explanation that the lady was a deputy member of the same party headquarters is not from here, but from somewhere from Alaska, and it took her a long time to reach the temple of fraud, the same should be done by the commission’s president. And he accurately to explain and say why, for example, he did not send a car for the substitute of the escaped. This especially because the first signal that it was a deal was from the home commission.
Fixed inter-party deal. Everything else is just a farce. A naive amateur show. The same scenario in broader composition SDSM, DUI and VMRO-DPMNE was continued and acted in the night parliamentary session. And the next day, instead of publicly hiding somewhere, the Maldives, for example, why not, they went to press conferences. They continued sowing fog and mutual accusations with their famous vocabulary. It is not established if they are embarrassed about the actions, but after three decades of democracy they should be. They are adults and politically educated. Such cheap stories are not for them anymore. They could have simply and immediately, in the same party headquarters to negotiate with no blushes and mutual controversy answered the court that they were not giving Trajko. And current politicians once again strongly confirmed that with them the country is not ready for European standards. That behind-the-scenes cabinet projections of justice are more relevant than judicial procedures. That the Painted fell in the party vortices. That the parties are the most powerful institution and that citizens have lost their country.
As priests in agreement who do not fast on Fridays, SDSM, DUI and VMRO-DPMNE again split the roles and played mocking before the crowd and civic auditorium. Of course, the key question is the motive and this game to be set on the repertoire of the temple of scams. Who needed it now and why? What would the reasons be to sabotage party leaderships, to defame court and justice? Specifically about the immunity of MP Veljanoski. Or it is still an agreement on some higher state interests. For now, it can only be assumed. But, of course, it will be interesting if the former Parliament speaker had bargained at the expense of the skin of his ex-leader Gruevski. If he talks, if he testifies about who the chief commander of events on 27th April two years ago was. If he promised someone somewhere to point his finger to Budapest.
This week, again, the three biggest political parties have crushed the country on the neck. They produced a new event to conceal the consequences of previous or some other lucrative but important reasons for them. For example, who is so excited about current and past party and nepotism employments? Now immunity is actual, and something else will soon come naturally. Institutions are occupied by party soldiers. State, public enterprises and other budgetary services, too. You want employment – through a party. You want a tender – through a party. Want employment – you need the party. Want a tender – you need the party. Want a scholarship – you need the party, want a promotion, you also need the party, want a project – you need the party. You want life; you also need only the party. The latest trick of nepotism to suppress nepotism confirms the saying related to the priestly Friday fasting.
Hence, whatever the issue is with the immunity of the MP and the ex-president of the assembly and his role on that bloody Thursday, will either be quickly solved or, following the tested recipe, it will be blurred with ash. The experiences with the rule of the country suggest that the reasons for the behind-the-scenes inter-party conflicts are not the interests of justice. No one trusts politics any more. In a month and a half the parties will have new confrontation with the citizens. But even that fact does not seem to touch them. Following the example of the latest parliamentary mimicry, they continue to cheat without any conscience.
By the way, there is a solution for this latest Rashomon effect. If they are so honest in SDSM and DUI, the key is in their hands. Tomorrow they should dissolve parliament, declare extraordinary parliamentary elections so that the public will believe in the stories of mutual disagreements. We have been having such quarrels between Gruevski and Ahmeti before each election for a whole decade. Will Zaev continue the same dance with the eternal partner in power?
Trust is abruptly reduced, presidential elections will either pass or fail, and no one cares. The same with the announced census. Ethnic graph returns to the game. It is DUI’s stubbornness or SLO or something else. That ethno statistical operation will end or for the same reasons as with the previous attempt, it will again experience a fiasco. But this is no longer relevant. Both with the presidential election and without it, both with the census and without it, the country has moved out.
It is important for ours in the parties and in parliament to have each other. To look after each other, to find each other when they need to produce fog. And together, as priests in agreement, not to fast on Friday.
The others, all of us others, taking communion on Sunday.

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