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May 18, 2022

Rhetoric filled with insults and labeling

OSCE/ODIHR report confirmed that political parties in Macedonia use ethnic rhetoric. Political commentators believe that instead of empty speeches, the offers of political parties should be genuine and healthy alternatives for the future of the country

Albanian political parties during the election use ethnic rhetoric. This was confirmed by the OSCE/ODIHR report on the election campaign after the first round of the presidential elections, held on 13 April. The report underlines the appeal of the Albanian government party, the Democratic Union for Integration (DUI), to Albanians to mass support it on April 27, when parliamentary elections are scheduled, to get 25 seats. This is actually a response to the call of Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski addressed to the ethnic Macedonians to provide 62 MPs “not to be conditioned by the Albanians”.

OSCE called such rhetoric an “ethnic division speech”.


The leader of the opposition Democratic Party of Albanians (DPA) Menduh Thaci, following the tone of Gruevski and Ahmeti with the number of MPs, in front of the Albanian electorate came up with the message:

Give me just one vote more than Ahmeti, I will pull Gruevski crawling, even if he gets 100 rather than 62 MPs'”.

Thaci said that he would not negotiate with the Macedonians about minor procedural issues, but big questions, such as changing the practice of decision-making in the country.

The DUI leader, however, at the rally in Struga said that all those who were against DUI can neither intimidate this subject.

“Mountains cannot be broken down from the city. We seek wisdom, we seek rapprochement and reconciliation, because this is a painful year – the 100th anniversary of the Balkan wars. The next term is full of difficulties and challenges, but I want you to know that we (DUI) have not grown in cotton. We grew up with swords and we are not afraid of challenges”, said Ahmeti.


Insults – results of the lack of real programs


Isufu Kadriu, news editor at Alsat-M TV, for INBOKS7 says that just as in past elections, political parties continue to use rhetoric beyond ethical norms, that is vocabulary of insults and disdains for the political opponent.


“The election campaign has been converted into an arena of insults, with labels and accusations of national betrayal”.

“It is interesting that such rhetoric is used mostly among the Albanian parties themselves, rather than on any of the Macedonian parties. I have the impression that they save them from labeling so as not to damage their positions of possible inclusion in the government after the elections”, said Kadriu.

“Unlike before, in these elections the vocabulary has degenerated in banalities. Politicians are labeled among themselves with names of animals”, said Kadriu.

This statement is supported by Ali Ahmeti’s statement, who said: “Some cats are trying to break down the high oak, which symbolizes DUI. Have you heard cats to break down an oak?”

Menduh Thaci sent VMRO-DPMNE the following message: “You had enough work with rabbits, now you will work with lions”.

Salajdin Salihu, a university professor at the State University of Tetovo, says that the leaders’ speeches not only lack a clear idea, but often they communicate nothing. He said for INBOX7 that Albanian politicians in the “pockets” of reason have only two types of speeches: one for Albanians, an ethnic and other for Macedonians, which is often moderated.

“The speeches of politicians lack coherence. To express great thoughts the language that mentions Orwell is not enough”, said Salihu.



“Our media, at least those that can be called the media, should constantly broadcast their speeches at the same time. That is what they had said in front of the Albanians and Macedonians. Our politicians will be voted for anyway, but at least tomorrow we will have the opportunity to say that not everyone of us “had grazed grass”, said Salajdin Salihu.




Albanian politicians out of social reality


In the social networks DUI and DPA rhetoric is evaluated as “humor and satire”. Ahmeti and Thaci blame each other for economic migration and the social status of Albanians in Macedonia.

A statement by the DUI leader, Ali Ahmeti in Skopje Studenicani was commented with an ironic tone.

“As your brother, as your man, I advise you not to keep sheep in Italy and we have sold our sheep here, so we go to keep the Italians’”.

“Do not go to plant flowers and salads in Italy, but see how we can do it here,” said Ahmeti.  

To this statement by Ahmeti, the DPA leader responded with similar but contradicted rhetoric: “Albanians are neither farmers, nor owners of herds of sheep. Albanians are not people who would like to plant only potatoes. Albanians want to commit to science and culture”, said Thaci in Chair.

Centre for understanding and international cooperation invited all political parties to avoid indecent political vocabulary, mutual insults and bursting, and low attempts to worsen the situation of interethnic and inter-religious relations.


“Political parties and politicians use such hate speech among themselves because they have no real platform to solve most of the problems Albanians are facing,” said Isuf Kadriu, editor.


Experts and those familiar with the situation consider that instead of empty speeches, the offers of political parties should be with truly healthy options for the future of the country.

Editor: Selim Ibraimi