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May 24, 2022

Man above all – the white plague

Writes: Trifun Kostovski


Dear readers,

Today I will talk on the topic of MAN as an individual and his place and role in modern society.

“Man above all” is an NGO, in which I have been involved for a long time. I’m sure you will ask yourself why Man above all. Man has always been and is, especially in the modern development society, the biggest investment of every society and parents, and with its formation is the strongest and indispensable capital of every community.

In the recent past in order to stop the emigration of the young, already equipped with knowledge, skills and REPRODUCTIVE POPULATION from the Republic of Macedonia, I made video spots with the message that we need to build our homes, hearths, future, here, at home, in the Republic of Macedonia. To my surprise, the videos were greeted with great criticism, where the fact that I am rich, from a financial point of view, prevailed, and at the same time I was a migrant and now I am spreading demagogy. But my dear readers, I returned to Macedonia with all the capital that I invested in my homeland.

Material wealth is changing and transient. The only wealth that is most important to me and which I have in abundance is love, in the broadest sense of the word. Love and its significance in all the spheres of our lives. Love for parents, brothers, sisters, relatives, wife, friends, people, nature, flora, fauna and love towards my homeland Macedonia.

For me, the man as an individual should be placed on a pedestal and be treated as a deity, and here is why. Man is the pillar of every society. What is necessary for him to be useful to himself and to society?

First of all, according to his predisposition, man must be armed with knowledge and skills. His education begins on the first day of his birth and will last until his training in the area where he has decided to dedicate himself. That long educational period, I call it INVESTMENT, which at the moment of its formation is transformed into a PERMANENT CAPITAL OF THE COMMUNITY. I feel uncomfortable when I see, day after day, young educated people leaving Macedonia and looking for happiness in the world. Until when shall we be closing our eyes in front of this, according to me, “white plague” and losing the nation-building extract – MAN. Are our political leaders still unable to realize that in a short time Macedonia will be resting on two powerful pillars:

1. State Administration

2. Pensioners

And the modest economy is already struggling to survive, and MAN….. falls to the ground.

Wake up, top politicians, the country is creating a new budget for the Republic of Macedonia for 2019! I did not see an item, much less an idea on how to keep the young man in Macedonia. I would allow the Government an even greater external borrowing of financial resources, which would be used to offer opportunities and possibilities for young people to stay here and create their own perspective and future in Macedonia.

Dear readers, I ask the Central Authorities, the present ones, the future ones, to create a national strategy for our development. Unfortunately, to date I have never seen such a thing, nor have I felt, and I have the feeling of living from day to day, or from hand to mouth.

We want life, a strong economy and a living standard. We need to keep the man, who is the true engine and driver of the economy and society as a whole.

The basic pillars of this non-governmental organization that I especially emphasize are education, health and the future.

In the future columns, I will specifically devote myself to explaining what these three pillars mean to our society, certainly by providing an argumentative explanation.

The worst of all is that the three pillars, education, health and future are still treated as an obligation from all past Governments, not as an aim towards which we should strive.

Without a real strategy in these three pillars, we will witness the daily emigration of the young population from Macedonia, thus losing the strongest capital of our small country.


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