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May 24, 2022

If the elections are held tomorrow, nobody will win

After who knows how many times the society is flooded by events in which, as a rule, the victim is the citizens and their hopes for freedom, for justice, for equality



Written by: Zoran Ivanov

While our folks are translating, the fugitive has found a home in Central Europe. In the heart of the European Union. There, instead of the polluted Vardar and Skopje, he has the Danube and Budapest, Vltava and Prague, Seine and Paris in his courtyard.

It turns out that Gruevski turned out to be the biggest Macedonian, Balkan and European dude. After a ten-year dictatorship and according to the general impression in the broadest public and with a thick handful of euros from the national money, this bloke, in the guy-of-the-neighbourhood style, slapped everyone in the face – Zaev, SDSM, the Colourful ones, the Special Prosecutor’s Office and the court, Brussels and Washington, the law and justice, democracy and especially the citizens and their fight against his regime. He did that to those who believed him, who supported him, and who cut veins for him, as well as those who gave him resistance and who protested against his selfish and greedy rule.

Of course, we are already experiencing, he who last laughs … But now, the para-hero of his criminal time exults from the Hungarian capital. He writes letters, sends messages, shares lessons, and lectures us. For now, Brussels is abnormally abstained. They let the government embarrassed and humiliated to deal with its own failure. Silence thus practically sends a message that it is quite its fault for Gruevski’s escape in Hungary and for Boskovski and Grujovski’s escape in Greece, both in member states of the Union and NATO.

In the case of Gruevski, Macedonia is at a legal and diplomatic crossroads. The government is put to test to get out of the unfortunate questions about how the convict of a special importance got away in their face. And how will the government that came to power with the key assistance of the civil activism be accounted for before its own voters for the escape, as well as the possible amnesty for the defendants from the asylum seeker’s team for decades of rigging, for tenders, advances, election fraud, corrupt party finances and their numerous aggressive procedures. How will it take away the indiscreet statement of the public that the country still has not accomplished neither ”l” of law, nor “j” of justice, nor “P” from Priebe nor “I” from institutions.

The practice of the reforms in the legal system taking place according to the principle of delay continues. The impression that legal decisions instead of being taken in the institutions are still prepared in party headquarters is dominant. The inertia regarding the reform commitments which prolongs the European standards to eternity is not abandoned. Therefore, like it or not, with such activities the government practically buries the expectations of citizens from the time of the colourful revolution. It nullifies the hopes for the domination of law, justice, and equality and for, more or less, an organised state.

It does the same with the attempts to relativize the crimes of the previous authorities, with the signals aimed at mitigating the qualifications in the charges, with the apparent orchestrated media management of the widely open TV studios for the accused and their synchronized public appearances. In that direction are the announcements for partial or complete amnesties with embedded admixtures of political calculations.

The party state again hangs over the rule of law. With the arrest of former security chief Mijalkov, the rush of dissatisfaction after the news of the Hungarian asylum his first cousin obtained was, more or less, released. Naturally, as well as for the unconvincing explanations for the fast detention of Janakievski and Bozinovski, with a scent of venomous ingredients, the government made moves to blur its own lacks with the case of the moonlight flit of the most popular Macedonian convict.

And who is behind the screen pulling the strings, who are the screenwriters and directors of the current Macedonian political series, does not even have to be clear now if the motives for the compromises are the goals that lead to the country’s integration progress. For now, whatever the context of these developments, it is encouraging that, in the absence of realistic explanations for current Macedonian film events, after more than a decade, a system of governance installed according to the North Korean model is finally degrading faster and more visibly. One totalitarian, nepotistic, anti-integration organisation is being taken down. A model of governance is being demolished, whose main lever were partism, nepotism, clientelism, blackmails, corruption.

Although for now, regarding the asylum of the ex-prime minister Brussels is still silent, they will not leave Macedonia in the lurch. The experience of co-operation with the Union and the Alliance shows that the seemingly inert European and NATO diplomacy is gigantic, clumsy. It starts slowly, and when it gets off, it grinds with the weight of its established democratic legal standards. Will it be the case with the return home of our fugitive, it will be known in the near future. However, the Macedonian authorities will need to be additionally well-versed and convince the European Commission that, in addition to all their omissions and dilettante gaffs, they are working intensively on harmonizing Macedonian society, breaking down the party’s state levers and establishing a relevant institutional legal order.

Now, with the shield or on it, is the challenge for the government. They will have to quickly start giving answers and finally announce when citizens will feel more strongly the promised systemic changes. When they will start the dial that they mounted on the Gruevski’s triumphal gate. How, in such circumstances, will the Prespa Agreement be finalised? And how, with the already significantly distorted confidence, will they promote the country economically, socially, and legally.

After who knows how many times the society is flooded by events in which, as a rule, the victim is the citizens and their hopes for freedom, for justice, for equality. That’s why there are expectations for tangible results to be delivered very soon before all enthusiasm and all faith for a country that provides a better and more just present is gone. May that happen before all the optimism born in the civil struggles for the demolition of the decade-long party regime has disappeared. And before disappointments, apathy, negative reactions completely conquer us.

And they, from day to day, become more vocal and more negative towards all political parties and their leaderships.

Well, judging by everything, if elections are held tomorrow, nobody will win.


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