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December 7, 2021

Lost years

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Macedonia is definitely at the doors to hell. It will soon be faced with the worst crisis since 2001. Its power has not only suppressed what is being called a basic democratic capacity, but it is more certain that the country has turned into a criminal and totalitarian structure where the only things that work are the rules of the mafia. It is a fact that Macedonia is the only country in Europe that in spite of all the chaos in all fields, its totalitarian regime continuously “wins” the elections. After all, every new elections the power further improves the system of intimidation, threats, blackmails and serious abuses. It has led to the devaluation of basic moral, human and system values. And after eight years of total disaster in all fields, the government has increased the number of votes. So, Macedonia is the only pluralist country in the world to which this “miracle” happens systematically. All surrounding authorities from the neighborhood have changed even at high economic and integrative results. And here, where the government has created hell, the devil is the most trusted one. Lucifer is the one that is most desirable. It is completely normal that in hell, the devil has the word. Plunder of public goods exceeds the levels characteristics of banana republics. Organized crime is the foundation of the current government and anything worth is directed by it. Public administration, the judiciary, the media, public institutions and everything breathing and not breathing in the state is subordinate to it. The current government has turned the corruption, theft, pressures, threats and blackmails (before and during the elections) into a system of normal values. The head of the opposition, Zaev, has revealed documented crime, but it does not excite anyone. We are the only country in the world where for such scandals, rather than resignation or overthrow, the government is rewarded by the voters.

Albanian parties are also part of this game. They consciously or unconsciously help this populist and criminalized regime. In presidential elections, the one shot itself in the leg and the other in the head. To think that Sushiko contract will pull voters is the same as believing that the wolf is the one that best looks after sheep. And the other party missed the chance to give a knockdown to the nationalist dictatorship enabling the “undesirable” Ivanov to get another term. If they had been honest, they would not have “cried” all the time for constitutional mechanisms, and to have given them arbitrarily. So it was with the census of 50 percent to elect a president. This is completely strange!!

Ethnic discrimination remains deep especially in the economic sphere. And that small amount of foreign investments has been diverted just to the east of the country. Such are – “Jonson Controls” (additional investment), “Johnson Matthey” (also new investment), “Technnohaze Kemet Electronics”, “Kromberg & Schubert”, “Prota”, “Grishko” (Russian plant for stage elements); “ODW Elektrik” etc. The value of these investments is approximately 800 million Euros. Such discrimination has a strong chance to end very badly for the country.

This regime will soon come to an end. Then we will see how much such false patriotism costs. We will probably be ashamed of ourselves because we were proud of a regime that normal world would only be ashamed of.

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