Todays Date
December 6, 2022


In front of you is the online magazine INBOX 7, enthusiastically conceived to become a serious, well-established and credible medium that you can trust. INBOX started as the first trilingual online magazine four years ago, at a time when we did not even hope we would be able to grow to become equal to and competitive with most national media that exist on the Macedonian market.

On these pages, we will try to present you with authentic, objective, measured and professional presentation of current events, as well as analysis, interviews with prominent public figures that have left their mark on this region. We will also have room for more serious research, where by presenting thorough data and data bases we will scratch under the surface of everyday news, in order to affirm investigative journalism as a powerful tool in the fight against corruption.

Inbox 7 will always be open to readers, and citizens’ opinions. The citizen is in the focus of Inbox 7 and we will always be open and committed to hearing your opinion, dear readers. All of your suggestions, comments, critique, and ratings are not only welcome, but also precious to us. We as a medium will try to be a corrector of the government, and we ask you to be active stakeholders in the comments and suggestions for topics, ideas and problems in order to make a better society in which we live together.

We hope that we will manage to keep your attention. We wish you a good time reading!