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June 27, 2022

Unions call workers for Labor Day fight for workers' rights

Today unions and associations of workers’ rights have by proclamation called the citizens to join the protest which will celebrate May 1 – International Workers’ Day

Bigger rights, better working conditions and decent pay – these are just some of the requirements of the signatories of the Solidarity Charter of the trade unions and associations for the protection of workers’ rights.

In the proclamation they ask the next government, regardless of the outcome of the parliamentary elections, to implement their demands to even the minimum wage in all sectors in 2014, release the right to strike from legal restraints, and implement the right to union organizations.

Sasko Todorovski from the Union of Macedonian diplomatic service, for Inbox7 says that last year the unions signed a solidarity charter, but this year they are joining the Labor Day protest, as well as other mobilization activities and a series of events that will sensitize the public about workers’ rights.

“For a long time the unions have not been functioning in a traditional sense. Union conglomerates have close relationship with the government and apparently are more responsive to the government than the workers. However, the most distinctive feature of the unions is their persistence. If institutions do not respond to our demands, then we will ask for political support within parties. If a party that is interested in addressing our requirements is in power, then they can be realized very fast. If it is not a party in power, then the results would come after a while”, says Todorovski.

Dejan Lutovski from the Movement for Social Justice “Lenka” says that the goal of this year’s proclamation is mobilization of workers and the whole working class.

“In the fight for workers’ rights we call on other unions to sign the protest charter. On the Labor Day protest we expect to have greater number of people than last year, although taking into account the working conditions in Macedonia, turnout should be far higher”, adds Lutovska.


Labor day protest (2013), source: Lenka – Facebook

In the proclamation unions and associations ask the government to ensure compliance and to guarantee the right to union organizations.

“Let’s send a message to the relevant institutions that we deserve decent pay. The alleged regulation on minimum wages has just been passed and it is not obeyed, whereas the Labor Inspectorate is selective in its work. Full review and liberalization of the Macedonian legal norm for the strike that is increasingly becoming an impossible form of action”, it is said in the proclamation.

Organizations that have signed the proclamation are the Independent Union of Journalists and Media Workers (SSNM), the Union of Macedonian Diplomatic Service (SMDS), the Union of Administration, Judiciary and Citizens’ Associations (UPOZ), the leftist movement Solidarity, the MSJ LENKA and the Confederation of Trade Union Organizations of Macedonia (KSOM).

Editor: Tamara Causidis