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September 24, 2022

After nine years of Golgotha – end of the regime!

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The end has come! The regime counts the last days and nothing can save them anymore. It is already seen by those who do not have eyes, heard by those who have no ears. Certain structures already give up in obedience to the leader, even in his party. There will be some who will hit themselves in head, the body, or tear their hair being proud of the regime the normal world is ashamed of. They will whine and moan praying to the devil to return the souls they sold to him. But it is not so important. The way it will leave is important, but it depends only on Gruevski. If he owns a simple sense of rationality (which I am not sure of), he should immediately resign. If he continues to listen to various media impostors nervous that defective goods are not sold any longer, then it will be bad, even for him. Those who have made millions are now shaking of schizophrenia while reading the news, as the time escapes when on behalf of the people they made money. They are the same that once praised Milosevic for the Balkan Golgotha and now bring his various mercenaries and outcasts in their televisions to convince us that the devil brings justice.

But nobody listens to those who have built a financial empire over the people’s woe and poverty. Within a period ten years, China has increased the standard for three times, India for two and a half times, Turkey three times, and neighboring countries are already far from us. And we remained as a deserted island full of horror, as our leaders have built false patriotic castles to hide money made with unprecedented crime. And now as memories they will leave – the “Exodus Gate” to remember that half a million young people have left the country! They will leave the “Cheat on a Horse” as a sign that millions of people were fooled by leaders who double indebted us to make us twice poor! They will leave the “Museum of Misery and Poverty” as a sign that in the name of the unfortunate past our happy future was overrun! We will be left with “The beardless boy who slain the judiciary” to whom the knife came to the bones, as judges and prosecutors read news in criminalized media instead of laws. We will be left with the fountains to remind us of the floods of biblical proportions that would not have occurred if only the money from the panoramic wheel had been transformed into systems and canals.

A few months ago, Victoria Nuland told us that corruption was not only a killer of democracy but an additional tool in the hands of kleptocrats who seek to expand their influence and to get rich at the expense of citizens. Now we got to it that the international anti-corruption expert Stuart Gilman wonders how come in a candidate country citizens are afraid to complain in anti-corruption institutions! Unfortunately, from a successful story, Macedonia has become a problematic country in the Balkans – says Andreas Ernst of the Swiss “Noje Cirher Cajtung”, presenting Gruevski’s portrait with a compliment of the Fuhrer. CNN and “Financial Times” reported that Macedonia was fifth in the world in bad economy, eighth in misery, and among the first in collective misfortune. And the prestigious “The Economist” projected a high degree of social revolt. However, the regime continued to improve the system of intimidation, threats, blackmail, forgery, bribery and numerous other serious abuses. And the end had to come. But DUI continues to infusion the regime that is already in a coma.

The time has come when searching for normal has become stronger than fear. Police officers, prosecutors and judges already know that the regime is nearing its end. And those acting they defend the regime have already arranged the escape. At no cost we can allow someone to continue raping us, lying to us, stealing from us and threading us. We have to go back to normal, although it is so difficult after such devastation. We must not, due to fear, continue to gamble with the lives and future of our children. Our fear cannot be more important than their needs. Ultimately, brave die only once and cowards die every day. A coward is even in a worse condition than an animal, as an animal has only one owner and a coward has hundreds. The truth, the justice, the entire democratic public and the entire international community is with us. And with them are just the lies of corrupt journalists already thinking how to escape. If they are hoping for Russia, better let them ask the Serbs. They say – it is double trouble if at the same time Americans are your enemies and Russians are your friends! However, it seems to be more difficult to become a man than a ruler.

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