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September 24, 2022

The Ugly, the Strange and the Funny!

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Marilyn Monroe and Einstein met at a reception. Impressed by his mind, the world actress said to the famous scientist: – “I wish I could have a child who would have my beauty and your brain!” The genius scientist responded smiling – “It would be fantastic, but what if the child gets my beauty and your brain”?!

Such an unfortunate combination happened to us. Instead of beauty with brains, we have ugliness without brains. Ugliness as a common denominator of any action of this government is called – destruction. Devastated is the future of two million people, half a million young people (50 percent unemployed, while the other 50 percent are unhappy), and more than two hundred thousand escaped from this hell where it is paradise only for the criminals. Ugliness as from three reputable international sources it has been confirmed that in ten years five billion dollars disappeared from the state (see Global Financial Integrity)! Ugliness as the minister – video surgeon, is blowing his own trumpet with health care reforms, and the key European organization “Europe’s Health Care Services”, on the rank list from 1 to 40, has ranked us 40th for the quality of health services. And neighboring states that ten years ago were much behind us are now highly ranked – Albania 17th, Bulgaria 24th, Serbia 30th, BiH 33rd (although the last two were in war for many years). Ugliness, as every third citizen lives in misery and poverty, and the government is boasting that we are third growing economy in Europe, but that we have little brain to feel it. Ugliness, as due to stress and misery mortality has enormously increased. In 2013 died over two thousand people more compared to 2004. Their blades are used to bury the truth and our future. Ugliness as they lie on development and world analysis show that we are among the 10 states with the weakest economy in the world. It is so when a society has been created where those who know are not asked, and those who are asked know nothing. And now we have a disaster of a hundred steps. Ugliness as we boast of human rights and Freedom House ranked us on the bottom of the global list with Mozambique, Colombia, Nigeria and Papua New Guinea.

And we are strange when the government tells us that we have full freedom in informing, and the global elite house “Reporters Without Borders” ranks us 123rd with Angola, Guatemala and Afghanistan. And in 2009 we were highly ranked 34th with Great Britain, Slovenia and Spain. And how else when pro-government media write good things about funny stuff, and funny things about good stuff?! If a unit of lie was a grain of sand, the Sahara would be too small to cover their lies. We are strange as there are a dramatically growing number of citizens and companies with blocked accounts. As of December, the number of blocked accounts is more than 217 thousand companies (41 thousand more than last year)! We are strange as laws are passed with ultimate arrogance. The government has amended the Law on Higher Education 15 times. And at the same time we are funny as 97 percent of high school graduates would study! Here there is a need for collective treatment of the whole government. We are strange as we have destroyed the entire educational system, and the culprits were teachers! We are strange as we are the only country in the world that brings strikebreakers in teaching! And this requires serious medical treatment. From the European Trade Union Committee for Education they told us that this was an unfortunate innovation.

On the other hand, we are funny as the government has laundered more than half a billion Euros in “Skopje 2014” and has not paid the debt to the UN for ridiculous  12,000 dollars, which brought the country in company with Somalia, Rwanda, Yemen and Sao Tome and Principe! Perhaps now we will have a tourism boom, not for “Skopje 2014”, but to see us what beings we are for enduring years of this strange rule. Rule that continuously says that it works double more for the standard to decrease double more! They say – we build, and do not say that for ten years they have doubled the external debt. And have built funny improvisation in the city center, which experts say does not even cost 150 million Euros, and the records say it is three times more.

Behind this government there are thousands of crimes – for electoral disaster, for falsification, crimes, suspending institutions, corrupting the media, destroying businesses and lives, destruction of education, health etc. It has made a silent coup, so each means for its demolition is legitimate. We should understand that if we do not tell good from bad, it will be bad forever. A government that is in coalition with the devil does not offer love, but slave obedience. While I was completing this text, there was one explosion detonated by Gruevski. Now it is not only about the ugly, the strange and the funny, but the madmen. I am quite sure that the regime is about to end. Everyone knows that the one who reveals the crime does not “coup” (it is a legal obligation), but the one who makes it and prevents its detection.

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