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May 18, 2022

Is the Government’s dam bursting?

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Some people asked the famous Greek philosopher Aristotle something about the planets. He briefly replied he did not know. And why does the king pay so much when you do not know?! – they added. He pays me for what I know. If he paid me for what I do not know, the whole state coffers would not be enough to pay me – he replied. He probably wanted to say that good things have a limit, and bad do not. We are a typical example of this, we pay a lot to people who do not know anything, and do not even want to learn. They even consider knowledge as something that belongs to the devil. We are unique in the world because our leaders not only know nothing of what they need to know, but even worse – they do not know about ethics, or conscience, let alone morality and responsibility.

Two years ago, the then German President Christian Wulff resigned because the media revealed that when he was prime minister of a province he received a credit for the house from a bank with less interest than usual! The public prosecutor asked taking away immunity to be able to objectively take an action. Last year two ministers in the Japanese government, for justice Midori Matsushima and for industry Yoko Obuchi, resigned just because the media wrote about a small financial wrongdoing. Two months ago, Portuguese Interior Minister Miguel Macedo resigned just because of media criticism that he did not act appropriately in the “golden visa” affair related to a foreign investor.

Even in those countries that until yesterday we called “banana republics” there are some basic rules of responsibility. So, some time ago the Prime Minister of Haiti – Laurent Lamont resigned because of social unrest in the country which resulted in large protests. He accepted the responsibility because he failed to do something more in favor of improving the situation. Even in some nomadic countries rulers face their own morality. Thus, the Prime Minister of Mali – Moussa Mara resigned because he failed to do enough in order to calm inter-religious relations in the country. Even in our immediate neighborhood we have good examples. A few months ago, Montenegro’s Health Minister resignеd because of a massive infection in hospital in Bijelo Polje, where а baby died.

There are countless cases where governments, prime ministers, ministers and other public officials have submitted resignations even for banal reasons according to us. But the conscience is what forced them of such an act. Our leaders do not have guilty conscience because they do not have it at all. For our leaders mega-affairs such as “Macedonian Bank”, “Zagorac”, “Actor”, “Apartments”, “A million” and many others are nothing. Social and economic disaster in the country has no weight for them! It’s not a big thing that about five billion Euros disappeared from the country! The problem is that the debt has doubled although there is nothing built except the laundry “Skopje 2014”, and it is not a big problem! We have made clean money but dirty image! It does not mean anything that people face collective trauma, with murders and everyday suicides! So what if the census failed?! Votes have been stolen, documents forged, so it has no meaning! The exodus of half a million young people out has been declared successful tourism! It is even not a problem to us that in the house of the Minister of Transport and Communications companies are registered receiving tenders of several millions! I ask these people – what else needs to happen to take some, at least moral responsibility?! Should an asteroid fall from space at your fault to take some responsibility?! But then you would blame the Almighty!

Is not it for resign and responsibility that 15 times they have changed the Law on higher education and then they blame teachers and students for the catastrophe! Such humiliation of teachers was not even made by Hitler, who still had respect for universities. Every normal person wonders what still needs to happen someone from the government to bear the responsibility!? Such irresponsibility has not been seen even in Colombia where drug cartels and gangs govern! Even in the animal world there is some instinct of rationality, and in our leadership not! Here the love of other people’s money creates great hatred to all others. What creatures should be those whose morality is so low and ambition so high?! If they wanted a real quality in education it would have been enough to amend only one article of the law to state that – success (highest average) will be the key at work and in promotion. And education would flourish. On the contrary, they killed the quality. They destroyed the knowledge. For nothing is saying that young people are admitted to work transparently when they receive only those who carried party banners, party posters have become more important than quality degrees!

Fraud and manipulation have already become a lifestyle and general culture. Now it has become disgrace to be honest! They promised many good things, and realized only bad. Now the VMRO lesson has successfully been learned by integrationists that have successfully integrated into organized crime. They cheated on consensus president the current one to win, and he has turned the function head of state into an object of ridicule. They promised one of the three functions in the state, and did not get anything. They promised constitutional changes to the language and election of president, but received constitutional changes for money laundering. They promised EU and NATO, and realized the VMRO lion!

But everything has an end. The dam has already burst and it is a question of time when the flood will happen. The VMRO false unity has burst because people around the leader are already setting him up to sink deeper, so they can save themselves. And in DUI almost half of the MPs do not support crime any more. The struggle is visible between a criminal wing and honest MPs that have guilty conscience and who require radical changes in the party, saying goodbye to those who are filled with corruption and crime. People slowly but surely relieve their fear. The time has come for fear to move on to the government. People have realized that in order to gain freedom they must fight for it. Let’s prove it on Tuesday.

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