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September 24, 2022

Macedonian march to isolation

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We are not present where everyone else is. Macedonian people, on many occasions, are not present at cult events and places where global, European, regional leaders are. On the civilization day, after the massacre in Paris, when the voice of silence was replaced by the stentorian resistance against violence and the threat of conflict of religious fanaticism, our Prime Minister flew to India.

The president of Macedonia could not find air transport to Orly or Charles de Gaulle, although it takes 2-4 hours by train to get to the airports in Cologne, Brussels, Amsterdam. What stupid explanations – officials in Skopje did not know that in Paris it was flown without protocol invitations, official invitations. Each with their entourage, with their statesmanship or leadership assessments. If domestic politicians did not know – what does the Macedonian ambassador in Paris Agron Budzaku do? If he was in France uninformed, why were ambassadors of world capitals silent? They, if only had adhered to the skill to follow or listen to diplomatic vibration and information in their diplomatic couloirs, at so informal and formal receptions and contacts, at least one of 40 (not) deserved and analphabetic Macedonian diplomats would have sent a diplomatic telegram that they should go to France immediately without an invitation. Asleep were ambassadors in London, although Cameroon went through the English Channel, and the Turkish one, too, although Prime Minister Davutoglu is a faithful friend of Macedonia, then Ambassadors in Sofia and Zagreb where they flew from, with all internal troubles, Borisov and Milovanovic. Not to mention the most skilful regional actor (literally) Rama, who took a photo with four priests and three pencils colored in the French flag on one of the streets around the Champs Elysees! If only they had watched the news, they would have known.

Finally, if all that we send and pay with our money, slept one of their ambassadorial duty, what do so many advisors and diplomats in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs do? Why did not they warn Minister Popovski, rather than going into Parliament to face education, that he had to be dedicated to the world “events” and himself to go in procession and march to Europe.

We remained with readings that the President of Macedonia, at the residence on Vodno, probably (self)satisfied, read the comments of the mainstream dogs in Macedonian journalism who write in style – Let you?! You were fine when silent about Smilkovci, Sopot, bombing of Milosevic and the bastion on his propaganda…?

And it is not the first time Macedonian leaders not to emerge from provincialism in their international appearances. The previous President of Macedonia, due to “cold January days” in 2005, did not go to Poland. Because of then already traditional intolerance of the then Prime Minister, neither Crvenkovski, nor Buckovski were between 40 world statesmen of the antifascist coalition, of Chirac, Cheney, to Putin, Drnovsek, Mesic…And over 7000 Jews from this country ended in the German concentration camps.

In both cases Macedonia, seven decades ago, was part of antifascist Entente, and since a decade ago it has been part of the modern anti-terror alliance in Iraq, Afghanistan. Our country is on a crucial green transversal of Jihadism and the Balkans is a soft soil for its action.

Imagine a Macedonian delegation in Paris with the religious leaders of the MOC and ICM – Stefan and Rexhepi. If after so many seminars and religious dialogues in Switzerland there had been an elementary hope that at least Christmas and Eid would be the occasion for mutual congratulating. They continued to be buried in their national-religious call, and in these three years there has been rule of silence in the communication between the heads of the two biggest religious communities. Is not God one Christ and Mohamed?! Recall the historical itineraries of Ottoman times and the traditional life of karsi – Kapicik on cohabitation in mosques and churches. No, we do not hear it any more.

Only Obama and Macedonian leaders were absent on the biggest, international day on anti-militarization, religious and racial segregation. But the American press did not forgive this double game of the President of the United States. On the one hand to form and lead anti-terrorist struggle with radical and militant Islamic fundamentalism, whose leaders are trained by its secret services, on the other hand, due to the individuality of the American concept of positive civic assimilation of different religions and races, to distance from the European explosion of ISIL. But sharp criticism from the American press was addressed to the White House.

“You have betrayed the world”, wrote the cover of “New York Daily News”, after Obama’s abstinence.

The only light media point came from Sitel TV although such an editorial move was to be expected from the public service. Brussels correspondent sent to Paris showed ability and skill. He managed to capture the atmosphere, to make a display of reactions and to give meaning to the Paris resistance as a civilization march in support of the victims of Islamist attacks that were killed in France. If the news had been opened with his direct reports, and not with Gruevski’s stay in India, then this TV would have shown a superb editorial sense for the event that would shape the world. But with these omissions, at least one Macedonian television came out of media provincialism and self-sufficiency in monitoring the indigenous local politicians, with their reporter and cameraman from Paris. They shared the reactions for support of the freedom of thought, speech, journalistic genres and texts.

Disappointment is the response of journalists and public figures in Skopje on the march to support journalists, freedom of expression, with French colleagues and intellectuals, with the French and Europeans. Macedonian Association of Journalists nonchalantly organized a rally in Skopje. We were under the simple courage to be and to manifest clear solidarity.

And journalism needs Plenum and students, our new generation of Fourth Macedonia should organize future courses on journalistic freedom and creativity, bravery and courage.

A read comment deserves reprint. “Open-minded journalists have become the largest prey and trophy of ideology. That is why they kill us, in order to send a clear message to all those who think, what is waiting for them if they speak their thoughts. Sad paradox”, said Munir Podumljak.

Over two million libertarian people in France marched through “Boulevard Voltaire”. The author of the open-sarcasm, immortalized in Candida, bon vivant who wrote 20 thousand letters, 2000 books and pamphlets, He, Francois Marie Arouet – Voltaire, five centuries ago, wrote a Scripture on free thought:

“I do not agree with any of your words, but I am ready to die for your right to say them”.

That is why Paris, after the French Revolution, returns the multi-level and first-class importance of Brotherhood – fraternité.

Liberty, equality, fraternity – (Liberté, égalité, fraternité) – to remember the holy trinity of Paris Commune and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

As if Paris confirmed the TV – Christmas thought of President of MANU, academic Kambovski – “Macedonia needs to return to the original meaning of the universal principle – Brotherhood”.

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