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May 18, 2022

A ship without a compass and a drunken crew

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Poor journalists and editors of corrupt media, all day forced to imitate Gruevski or Stavrevski as parrots that we are third growing economy in Europe!!! Economists say it can only happen for a humorous show, but even there they do not like black humor. The government has been trying hard to turn people into blind, deaf and daft. But the fact is that we have records. The first record can be seen from the data of the World Bank, where 9.1 per cent of the country (180 thousand people), live extremely miserable with less than 40 denars per day. Let’s recall that in 2006 the figure was only 4.6 percent (double less). And now we have a country that double borrows and double gets poor! Even miserable Moldova has made a leap, from 14 percent extreme poverty in 2006, to reduce it to 4.4 percent last year. For three years in a row our state has been ranked in the company of 10 poorest countries in the world and in the five countries with the worst economy in the world.

The second record can be seen from the data of “GRECO” and “Transparency International”, that we are on top of Europe for corruption. The third record is unemployment of 30 percent, although the government permanently and artificially deletes people from the records. We stand even worse than Mali, Burundi and Bangladesh (EBRD – IDA and The Economist)! Also, according to the data from an Institute which will soon be published, our country is ranked as a European recorder for money laundering. These days, “Reporters Without Borders” ranked us 123rd in the world by the freedom of the media, in the company of Turkmenistan, North Korea and Eritrea. Let us recall that in 2007 we were 34th. This is the truth about the records of the present government. And there are many others. Now the country has been converted into the biggest prison where people live only because they are not dead. Here evil is already a primary value. There is no such a rich language of the world containing such words that can describe this disaster where the government does not exist because of the people, but people because of the government.

Certain analysts try to identify this miracle of the rule with communism. But it was paradise compared to this mobile accident! That system had at least some values, but this is created by anti-values from the basis. It had an ideology unlike this one whose ideology is black money, that we cannot see daylight from. It cared about people, and this one threads them, makes them poor and moves them out. It was run by normal people, and this by kleptomaniac. It spread tolerance, and this hatred and divisions. It had quality education, and this quality chaos. For 10 years, it has “successfully” been reforming education, to tell us that now that it has deformed it! That system in 24 years (1946 -1970), increased the standard of living12 times, and this, although it has sold everything, has lowered the standard by 40 percent!!! Finally, it was a single-party system, and this one a system of madness.

And so our boat hijacked by drunken bandits has been sailing without a compass for ten years. Soon it will either sink or hit the rocks. And here, the era when great monuments were built to reduce people, will end. The era has ended when it was sung to the prince on squares and boulevards, and he flew exalted thinking that the dream of everlasting rule was available. Fake fights in the streets and buses have ended, by which the government charged the batteries with nationalist energy. People now realize that hatred does not stop with hatred, but with reason. Gone are the lies of DUI for consensus president. Gone are the acted rivalries of two Siamese twins. And now they are becoming more nervous. They butt in others’ press conferences. They are becoming pathetic and aggressive, as they are losing the ground. They cannot imagine being gone, that will be responsible for the quiet coup along with their media supporters. They hope that in a few years they will strip us to the skin. To drink the little blood that has remained. They want to continue building their fortune on our misfortune, as for years they have been experiencing our crying as their song. For years they have been proud of what the normal world is ashamed of.

For all this the opposition should not behave like a small child crying all the time as his toys have been taken. It should organize all parties, associations, numerous intellectuals and form a common front for salvation. It is not enough with bombs to prove that they have been lying and stealing. It is well known even by the most ardent VMRO members. Even those who for years have been giving their ears for rent know it. And those who have put plasters on their mouths saying that silence is golden are now left without a penny! Besides bombs they need large infantry that will save us from total disaster. Each day becomes later. Everyone needs to stop saying the empty phrase – everything in its time. It must be everything in my time. Anger is growing among people. Even among their voters there is a growing need for lynching, which might happen if they do not act on time. For ten years we have been either in intersection or roundabout.

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