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May 18, 2022

The Government is walking through a minefield

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For years the government’s lies have been the main fuel for reversing. We spent nine years and are quite close to the ninth circle of Dante’s hell. From a leader in the region now we have the labels – “Sick man of the Balkans” and “Balkan Titanic”. It is a gift from “patriots” who have built their pyramids breaking our lives, who have created a setting in which people are more afraid of life than death. It can be seen how worth they are. With only 20 centimeters of snow the whole country is in collapse – no electricity, no water, no roads. Hence it is quite legitimate to demolish such power that does not know the basic democratic values and in general has led the situation to total chaos. And everyone is to blame but it. It has changed everything it wanted, now the only thing they can change are the people. Because they have started not to listen.

Although the people know everything, they will not reach for power if they do not believe in a decisive victory. People know well that honesty in this power is lower than street pickpockets. People know about “Actor”, “Zagorac”, “Macedonian Bank”, “Milionce”, the “party flats”, the “street lighting” and other scandals that Cosa Nostra can carry water for. They know that the money from “Skopje 2014” is very clean, as it is well laundered. They know that all these years the government has spent 27 billion Euros, and the state has been brought to world shame. They know that poverty is as a family member. People know that for eight years the external debt has been doubled and the internal is a strict secrecy! They know that over 4.8 billion Euros have disappeared from the country (data from the US Institute “Adriatic”). They know about eight billion promised investments that have become fog. There are fresh memories about “Sisecam”, “Swedmilk”, “Veibo Group”, “Sahara Group” from brother Subrata, and now “Genterm”. They know about privatization of the Parliament, the government, the civil service, the judiciary and other institutions. But they do not know what to do because they are afraid of the normal. Some people still do not realize that if they do not fight against the evil they are just dead but unburied! They have caught a collective disease that will need to be treated. It is the task of all who managed to stay normal, especially the opposition, which bears some of the responsibility that it was unable to prevent it.

So, the opposition has a special role here and it is obliged to create an atmosphere of certain victory. Because there are always people who hardly realize that God is not always on the side of the stronger. After all, the power is with the people, the students, the freelancers, the unemployed, the oppressed. With a good strategy, detailed tactics and professional propaganda the opposition should be the main driving factor. The fact is that we have an opposition head that has proven to be very successful and promised a radical turn out of this mess. Strumica is the only bright spot in the country for which we can say that you can do it if you want to. He does not play on the national card at all which with us is still profitable. He wants to build something new, the exact opposite of this. So today the students get together and fight for a more normal common future. But the opposition has to change something from its previous action. It primarily needs a fully professional and well-organized structure for public relations. Now is the time when we all need to decide if we will still let physical and mental midgets to suppress us or we will strongly oppose? I am sure that such action will now be differently qualified by foreigners (compared with that of two years ago). If we do not sort out the power now, it will further sort out us. I am sure we are very close to the critical mass for changes. All dictatorships seemingly look strong, but are actually very weak. They fall like a house of cards. The Government deliberately acts intransigence as it knows that if it softens everyone will notice that it is a tiger without teeth. It must act force to hide its weakness. It tries to beat the students and teachers and so far this has rarely succeeded in the world. And flatterers can only give more power to the resistance.

It is not known whether it is more comic or tragic that after eight years’ “successful reforms” in higher education the government now says that nothing is right! Well, Prime Minister, the main disease for such situation is exactly your totally partitioned rule. If students knew that instead of party booklet for employment and advancing knowledge is required, it would automatically create quality education. You have devalued knowledge. Now we have too many degrees and too little knowledge, but the professors are guilty of it, not your system! Because of you the country has become full of empty people. If you wanted successful reforms you would sit down with the teachers who have been doing this job for years. But Jelko Kacin told you well – you have returned the country back in the Stone Age. And now with own stone on own head. You yourself decided 90 percent of graduates to enroll studies, a condition that if it was not alive disaster, would be alive humor. But, above all we need to realize that with this government it should not be discussed. It should be demolished. It is already walking through a minefield.

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