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Mercy for Jovan, Kezo and the name…Synod

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Are you fed up with the hypocrisy of MOC and Archbishop Stefan? You can anger because of his umbilical symbiosis with the Prime Minister and “racketeering” Macedonian businessmen to donate six-figures, once again, for construction of the Orthodox Church in Skopje, while priests luxuriate in their properties and hedonistic behavior.

Long ago this Government privatized the key constitutional provision for a secular state Macedonia, proclaiming religious patriotism to the level of an Orthodox fundamentalism and successful stimulator for gladiator division of the flock of VMRO versus all others.

Double-daily political and social yardstick in cohabitation of different religious communities has been introduced, encouraging rivalry, above all, distrust, for example, of IRC. Because, if not, it could be expected Gruevski to be front man with a donation of Albanian businessmen who collect(ed) funds for restoration of mosques or construction of new Islamic shrines?! So it would be when you have PM of multiethnic coalition. But it is not currently.

And instead of turning to church matters, part of the clerical top has tried to bring “clericalism” as a management model with MOC.

Ohrid Patriarchate has been recognized for centuries, it has a current print from home and overseas believers. People are attached to their church, but is MOC loyal? If it is not for the holidays, there are not many people on Sunday sermons. Monasteries are without restored monastic orders, which is the basis for church dynamics. Monks have started leaving, monasteries emptying of experienced and educated abbots and monks.

“Monks are authoritative defenders of the Orthodox Church. For centuries the church has given the impression of being attached to the past, becoming indifferent to optimistic humanism…”, we read in “St. Gregory Palamas and Orthodox Spirituality” by John Meyendorff.

And suddenly, a public statement – recognition and self-repentance?!

Macedonian Orthodox Church – Ohrid Archbishopric urged authorities, because of higher goals, mercy for jailed former Bishop Jovan Vraniskovski. In the statement, after the emergency session of the Holy Synod it is stated that MOC-OA accepted the initiative of the Russian Orthodox Church to contribute to the recovery and successful completion of the dialogue between MOC-OA and Serbian Orthodox Church.

Now is the key moment to stop the silence of the critical and atheistic anger towards certain conservative bishops who along with journalistic clumsy men have made a career on the “schismatic” file and made Bishop Jovan Vraniskovski a martyr. With his reprinted file media branched of the Synod have “deservedly” gone to prestigious correspondent locations around the world.

Besides all the previous critics, MOC Synod actor becomes an actor of major openings in all social spheres. It is a message to promote internal social and political tolerance, instead of government’s aggression, respect for the individual and the right to their freedom. Instead of…

“False accusation that brings major disasters when the false accuser surrenders to the power of evil spirits. The truth is revealed and it is learnt that…we do not fulfill righteousness and legal oath”, wrote Dr. Ratomir Grozdanoski in Decalogue, interpretation of the Ten Commandments.

President Ivanov has the scepter to become a statesman for the first time, and to return part of the democratic character of his professors’ days. Abolition of Bishop Vraniskovski, which is non-institutionally demanded by MOC Synod, on behalf of “higher goals and interests” will have to include journalist Kezarovski. No less significant and lofty are the highest goals of freedom of speech and thought, release of journalism from persistent threats, with directed and reprinted texts from courier clusters. Perhaps true “pardon” will be made (or maybe has been made) by some more encouraged judges, professionals in the appeal. Acquittal is required by believers of journalistic profession, with appeals from home and abroad. It is no less mass and valuable than mercy, which as a noble gesture of tolerance is shown by the MOC Synod to recent “schismatic” Jovan.

The Synod requires mercy, magical term for the character of generosity. A new dynamic stage of Ecumenism starts, modern efforts of reconciliation and rapprochement, unity of Christian churches and believers.

The head of MOC, one of the fiercest defenders of PM’s patriotic policy in defense of Macedonian identity, shows ability for wise decisions of compromise. They will now be borne by Gruevski in defense of static negotiating policy about the name dispute. Will decisions about solution of differences with Greece about the name and church dispute MPC-SPC coincide in 2016 and ecumenical council? Do you think the launch of good relationships with neighbors is accidental as a priority of Macedonian diplomacy for 2015, something that Minister Popovski talks about?

It is known that Bartholomew, Ecumenical leader of Constantinople Orthodox throne is Greek. The head of the Catholic Church went to his legs. The Patriarch and the Pope, recently in Istanbul, have opened a page of new reconciliation among Christian churches.

The Synod of the Macedonian bishops has accepted the news about the shuttle-church diplomacy of the influential Bishop Hilarion. He was welcomed and accompanied by the Russian ambassador to Macedonia, as speakers of the powerful Russian tandem President and Patriarch of the Church. Russian bishop was received by Ivanov and Gruevski who are now faced with solving the enigma “a reasonable compromise is a reasonable compromise.” What and when? What are its lofty goals and interests?

Vocabulary of compromise is promoted, as a principle on micro-plan, expression of tolerance rather than arrogance, respect instead of usurpation. It is also respecting the principles of international politics. A regional macro platform is to be built, whose static column is unity of Christianity. It does not correspond to local-patriotic policy of Prime Minister Gruevski.

The speaker from Moscow, Hilarion, did not have only a church mission. The influential Bishop is a harbinger of new modern forms of return of Russian influence between “Slavic brothers in the Balkans”. It breaks up the last defense of the authorities in Skopje that Russia would be a strategic partner in the defense of already recognized Macedonia’s constitutional name, against “enemies” in Washington and Berlin. But difficult decisions of compromises fall on the back of the current political chosen ones. They therefore receive a mandate from the electorate. It would be a cardinal mistake if VMRO-DPMNE leader, instead of making statesmanship and responsibility for them, now spills the church and the clergy as “facilitators” in creating atmosphere through public unnaturally propagation of compromise or a formula about the name.

The decision of the Synod of MOC about mercy for Vraniskovski, defending him with higher goals and interests in negotiations with SOC, goes over the last “Maginot Line” set for party-media defense of the name. It was short, from Ilindenska St. to the café at Aminta III, but it keeps Macedonia long enough isolated in its, our identity self-sufficiency.

On these grounds, Tito once wasted the non-alliance policy, neither the West nor the East. He capitalized it with the then fastest borrowing of over 13 billion dollars for a decade. His federation lasted that long. The West poured billions, cheapest way of collapse of an economy and small and insolvent country.

Gruevski has an obligation to tailor a new Macedonian story. Before the West does not come after payment.

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