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September 24, 2022

Defeat of megaphones

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Pro-government megaphones are in shock. They are sensing something that directly threatens their pocket, and maybe more than that. For the protests they say they were in a small number 2,000 or 3,000, and that they were organized by enemies of Macedonia. That the students were manipulated with factors that do not think well to the country, hate it and want to see it on its knees. With one word, they treat students like brainless! You do not have to be intelligent at all to realize that Macedonia is not on its knees, but in a deep coma, among other things, due to the great “love” of these media servants who have swapped their conscience for their own pocket.

Firstly: If they cared about the country, they should have said at least one word about the fact that half a billion Euros have been thrown on concrete and plaster! And now they are throwing 13 million Euros for a baroque facade and interior of the Government, they gave 11 million Euros to Koce for baroque facades, and 18.5 million Euros will be spent on the panoramic wheel. And people suffer, run away, move out, and commit suicides, their families break up! And for them this is country’s “pride”! We are world recorders in using sedatives, recorders in unemployment, in poverty! Well, it is a manipulation for which the devil can give you a bow!

Secondly: Write something about the shameful judiciary, poor administration (180 thousand which is a cancer to the development), about violent takeover of companies, draconian penalties, cockroaches in hospitals, Frankenstein policy, mass hatred, dizzying robbery, destruction of millions of lives – just because of your and their pocket! Now because of you, our evil can no longer surprise us, but only the good.

Thirdly: Write something about the mysterious disappearance of machines for making passports and ID cards. In Macedonia, of 2,100,000 citizens, at least 450,000 have been displaced and living abroad for the last ten years (World Bank data), which means that not more than 1.660.000 million people are present in the country. 26% or 430,000 citizens not having the right to vote are at the age under 18. So, 1.230.000 citizens with the right to vote live in Macedonia. At the recent parliamentary elections 1.120.000 people or 91% of the population living in the country came out to vote!!! If the percentage of common participation is never higher than 70% (860,000), then the question is what are the 21% or 260,000 voters who voted in the last parliamentary elections?! There is no room for any sound logic, except that people vote and the devil counts!

Fourthly: Please write something about who on the day of the protest close students in a cage like animals with chains and padlocks, the whole world to learn about it on CNN! Young people require nothing more than a normal life like all their peers elsewhere in the normal world. They do not want to be slaves of the lies that we are the best when they see that we are the worst. They do not want to pay MRTV and other Goebbels’ houses to be lied and humiliated. They see that some children drive crazy cars and they themselves lead a futile life. They see that some children in one night spend more than they in a lifetime. They see that millions of mouths have to starve so that a few mouths can eat. They see that some children do not know what to do with money while their peers do not know what to do with life! Numerous young people are forced to wander hopelessly along false roads seeking real future. They feel the fake past destroys their happy future. They have realized that everyone who likes this government likes neither himself, nor his life. In Tetovo, 200 graduates have applied for a job advertisement in a market for 10 cleaners and shop assistants!!!

Write about the government that has no capacity to understand what honesty and responsibility mean. About people who walk on our lives and cannot understand that life gives back what we give to others. Lastly, we all need to understand that if we want to change our lives, we first need to change the values. Many of us thought that while the government was sowing evil, it would avoid us. Now even those who long liked the evil and sang songs to it have started crying. And you, government megaphones, you still think that hiding the truth is the greatest success in journalism. But the hardest victory is the victory over self.

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