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August 18, 2022

STUDENTS AND PARENTS (Plenum for the future)

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Students won the first battle. They forced the government to lead a dialogue after the coalition introduced a state exam, which would test the scope and quality of higher education. They refused to be political guinea pigs, to be treated as children – tabula rasa. They awoke the government and their parents. They overcame stereotypes of divided ethnic society, because students from the Albanian university camp would march with the Skopje ones. Frightened professors and rectors remained in the lap of material satisfaction of Gruevski’s government. Rather than seeking to participate or autonomously find criteria for their own and student evaluation, rector managements acted like crazy – they did not know and have not received legal decisions!? The ministerial pair of education, only two months ago, publicly declared that there would be external testing.

External or state exam – as a model does not have to be disputed, as a concept. Years of service are forcing graduates to permanent studying and adapting to the labor market. But it is also built into the system as palliative fire extinguishing after apparent collapse of the model – all at faculty, rather than employment agencies. All. As 40 decades ago when at the Law and Economics Faculty of UKIM lectures were attended by 500 students, on desks and stairs.

Politicization of additional tests during the study cycle, further examinations in two stages of studies is a normal revolt of youth pressed from the constraints of a politicized society, in which the party book, not the index book of the best students is a CV to enter administration, judiciary, education, parking, water, forests, banking, universities…and even the factories of the free economic zones. The problem is in the system of centralized management in which the ruling coalition directly attacks the constitutionally guaranteed autonomy of universities. It insists on knowledge as a competence, but it is inconsistent. What quality does PM speak in favor of if in attempts to calm students’ passion, he publicly offers a compromise – take the exams as long as you want even at a price to barely get 6 (six). Why tests then if from zero you are to get nothing?

And the world has great “centers of intellect” that implement permanent evaluation of students’ gained knowledge, but the evaluation system is not made by the countries, but independent professor teams. Imagine when in one of the corporations with hundreds of thousands of employees around the world, domicile government sets the rules for continuous training and evaluation system in companies?

The legitimate government of Macedonia equally covers the interests of opponents from SOROS, LGBT voters, critics. With divide and rule methods there is a political segregation. And because not all are with VMRP-DPMNE and DUI, they are nonchalantly marked with traitorous attributes – they do not like the country? The leadership tandem Gruevski – Ahmeti has lost the sense of communication with people. With protocol red ribbons, construction and opening sports facilities, far away in villages without roads, like the one in Nikiforovo for seven elders over 70 years old, with monuments to fallen NLA fighters and ancient heroes, telling stories about the past, not the future, with constant media torture in defense of some irrational party promises, the government coalition has irritated and increased civil and voting dissatisfaction.

Students have only bravely opened the door to a critical event and resistance, against conformism of intellectuals, judges, academics and mercenaries in the courier journalistic circles. Prime Minister will show virtue if he allows students an equal debate with their teachers and parents.

In the novel FATHERS AND SONS, the famous Russian novelist and short story writer, Ivan S. Turgenev, with a replica of the main characters describes the conflict of nihilism and liberalism in Russia, which in the 19th century was divided between Europeanism and traditionalism. The main character, Yevgeny Bazarov as a nihilist and Pavel Petrovich, “a good man at heart” are having a dialogue – what is meant by the term aristocracy and traditional values?

Pavel excitedly says: “So you reject all that Very well. So you believe in science only?” and Bazarov indifferently replies: “I have already explained to you that I do not believe in anything; and what is science…?

The attempt to introduce the testing by force is devaluation of rector managements, marginalization of MANU in designing an entirely new educational concept with human resource planning for new occupations and professions, by examining dispersion of faculties. After nine years of rule, VMRO-DPMNE bears the responsibility for the debacle of the current concept of studying. Government’s lawyers publicly say that education at universities is buy a day, that diplomas are sold. Until yesterday postgraduate and doctoral thesis were written, as an outsourcing occupation of “professional” compilers, through publicly published telephone connections for contracts, which thesis, how many pages and what Harvard system of references should be used, often without the impact of the bibliography of “experts.” These educators should be tested, not just their “clients”.

Students today deserve to be listened carefully, as they are the new future. Parents and current politicians should learn a lesson, particularly party elites who label everyone thinking freely. Regardless of the fact whether SDSM will cover up their inability to resuscitate the voting body under the umbrella of the student march, or VMRO that before women’s skirts will challenge their opponents: “Big men, do not hide behind children, organize a rally!”

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