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May 18, 2022

Macedonia is betting on a wrong horse

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Pro-Putin orientation has been propagated here for years. Only totalitarian regimes with a common goal to rule longer have such a need. Numerous media segments, even among advisers of main holders of power, have been glorifying Putin and insulting the West for years. But, this is also legitimate in a democratic setting, which we do not have. In recent years we have had strange Russian investments, starting sports clubs, investments managed by a Russian tycoon who greatly builds halls and hotels. Another Russian company is now preparing to build a monument to the first Russian cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin, but is also planning to build an impressive Russian religious complex in Macedonia, which in all analyses will serve for political impressing, as in such a way the public opinion is influenced in the fastest way.

But reality is moving in the opposite direction of these goals, and of the happiness of promoters of these goals. According to relevant analyses, Russia is now visibly losing its international relevance and enters a serious economic crisis as an epilogue to its wrong policies. Russian analysts blame Putin that for his political provincialism, not only the state is losing political relevance in a race with the West, but also with China. Unlike Putinism which is based on the policy of vanities, conspiracy and apocalypse, Chinese rapidly conquer the world economy. Only Lukashenko, Orban and our leaders remain Putin’s friends. At the G20 summit, Putin was neither noticed by the world’s media moguls. To be noticed, he even covered the first lady of China with a shawl, which was commented as completely frivolous and ridiculous act. Revolted by many things, and perhaps mostly by himself, he even left the summit earlier. The main star, despite Obama, was Prime Minister of China – Xi Jinping, who proved to be working seriously on turning his country into a global economic super power. There Chinese and Americans signed several agreements and astronomical profits are expected from them. “Euro-Asian Union” – Putin’s idea was not even mentioned. At the same time, the Chinese signed a free trade agreement with Australia, an act that only countries with strong confidence do. The same is expected to be done with South Korea, too.

It is seen that the Chinese long ago stopped practicing vanities in politics not only in years of tolerating Hong Kong and Macao, but also in the last dispute with the Japanese about some islands, and yet it cannot be an obstacle to conclude an agreement on liberal trade and with that country. So, the Chinese separate the problems from the economic needs and at any cost do not give a dose of aggressiveness. They now severely plan to realize the mega project “One Belt and One Road” to strengthen the impact in Asia and Europe, as a variant of the Marshall Plan with an initial capital of 40 billion Euros, which will be financed by the megabank AII (Asian Infrastructure Investment), based in Beijing. But Putin continues to act like an angry child who thinks his toys have been taken away from him. “Some countries want to break up Russia, they have even wanted it for centuries” – Putin recently said! Now the Russian economy is moving toward collapse. The ruble has fallen a lot, even about 30 percent, and foreign debt exceeds the figure of 550 billion dollars. Putin asked the Central Bank to do everything possible to prevent further decline of the ruble, but the effects are none. The fact is that when you do not know where you are floating, no winds can help you.

The game here is very big. The West along with OPEK is determined to maximum increase production of oil, and its price fell from 110 dollars a barrel last year, to 68 dollars now. But The Wall Street Journal predicts that the price will fall even to 60 dollars, which for the Russian economy and its budget, which mainly relies on oil and gas, equals a major accident. Major Russian energy giants such as “Gazprom”, “Novatek” and “Rosneft”, out of which a million people live, are now facing big problems. Now the construction of mega pipeline “Power of Siberia” (through Siberia to China) is also uncertain. These days Putin himself said that “South Stream” had failed, and with this project, though not very justified, Vice PM Stavrevski boasted! Now they say they have never treated this project seriously!!!! As they say about Subrata Roy, that they do not know him!!!

While our regime makes big plans out of small heads, Greeks have adopted all corridors worth ten billion Euros (previously planned for us). While we were digging ancient graves, they dug highways and pipelines. While we were tying ancient ropes, they used the situation. It came as clean ace. They could not have done a better favor to us. They grabbed the future while we were selling mist of the past????? They received “Via Egnatia” and TAP while we got Alexander and Philip! Abraham Lincoln would say – “I know who my grandfather is but I am more concerned about my grandchildren”. It is a tragedy to have such power that adorns the country with a party sign. With large lions they conquer little people. The poor and needy, in their mind, too. Along with the Albanian partner who they have turned in their party branch, with the influence of that of Dolno Dupeni!

We are betting on a wrong horse again. Again we will lose a lot. We will sink with Putinism which now pays a lot for Ukraine. That is because we live with the devil. We hang out with a government that consumes enormous energy to turn us into crazy! It looks like the devil has totally occupied our mind. We will need to give him a name. Perhaps – “Government Coalition”!

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