Todays Date
March 25, 2023


In a time of universal deceit – telling the truth is a revolutionary act. This saying of the English writer George Orwell is a sufficient incentive to initiate projects where the truth will not depend on language barriers or the centers of political and economic power.

At a time of numerous aftershocks of the media market in Macedonia, when facing a decline in media freedom, we, as Center for Investigative Journalism SCOOP Macedonia, present INBOX-online magazine that will be dedicated primarily by and for citizens.

Our goal is INBOX to be your internet mailbox, where you could present your troubles, problems, attitudes and opinions. Our intention is to be an open window to everyone, through contents that would be a result of objective and unbiased journalism. Our mission is to promote professional journalistic values ​​and standards, which unfortunately, have slowly begun to fade.

The idea of INBOX was born spontaneously, unobtrusively and with a desire to enrich the media cyberspace with a unique online magazine that will be distinguished by its originality in topics it will offer, analytical approach and will allow readers a different angle of view. Criticism, but no accusations, polemics, but no disputes, research, rather than unilateral presentation of things. That is briefly the identity card of INBOX, which we hope to enrich with your help to make it more interesting, more challenging for the readers.

INBOX will be open to all, regardless of nationality, religion, race, gender or age. INBOX will allow equal space to public figures from the social and political life. Their views, opinions, different opinions will be presented on these pages, without any such qualification, and with the sole intent – to try to present things in the best possible professional level. To develop investigative journalism, to promote professional standards in journalism, and thereby to preserve objectivity. This is what will lead us in the preparation of journalistic analyzes, reports, interviews, research stories and debates. We will not only have space for presentation of current social issues, but we will enable you to actively get involved in public debates that we will organize for you – for the simple reason – because we appreciate your opinion.

We hope that readers will recognize our efforts to contribute to the ambience of creating a better climate in society and promote democratic values.