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May 18, 2022

All PM’s bombs!

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About the affair of the “Focus”, my colleague Najchevska says – it is the basis for the government’s fall, and if such a thing does not happen, then we do not have a state, but a mafia gang that manages a territory. Well, dear colleague, you have really offended the gangsters! They have their own order and system, unlike what we have and that we need to think a name for, as something like this is unprecedented in history.

The other day Gruevski said he would hit back with “positive bombs”. So far we have been continually bombarded with lies and deceit. The first bomb was detonated when nine years ago the government assured that we would become Switzerland. Hence we did not need to seek entry into the EU, as they would ask to integrate with us! The second bomb – when it became evident that there had been no results from the economy, and then nationalism was hit – “no one can break our spine to change the name”. The third bomb was committed to the name referendum. “If you ask me how I will vote at the referendum – I will vote against”, – said the Prime Minister. The fourth bomb was the promise of eight billion Euros which turned into fog. The fifth bomb was the affair “Actor” and numerous invisible VMRO apartments and business premises worth hundreds of millions of Euros. The sixth bomb was “Macedonian Bank”, which proved that for Gruevski the court and prosecution are a fig leaf or a cloth for cleaning toilets. The seventh bomb was Zagorac with corpus delicti seen from the moon, but invisible to judiciary. The eighth bomb was Gruevski’s statement for possible revocation of the recommendation – “I can exclude nothing. Everything granted may be confiscated. Only the soul cannot be taken from us”- said PM…

So now it is my turn to throw a small bomb – to say that the government’s end is quite close. Along with its goebbelsian machinery which will have to be accountable for aiding the suspension of the state (soft coup). The passport affair is a toy compared to what is to follow. With a party opinion, the government itself has admitted the offense. In an elementary normal state it would evoke chaos, but as soon as the government declared it a “comedy”, it has to be a tragedy. It is a wonder how they underestimate people’s intelligence. They treat them like sheep. I think that the era ends when we pay for goebbelsism to be deceived. Half a million people have emigrated from the patriots for patriotic reasons. People fled, died, committed a suicide in misery for the patriotic leaders to be super luxury.

The lies have come to an end. No one believes in world leadership in doing business to be the poorest country in the world. We have been convinced that we have a healthy economy but unhealthy people to feel it. We open new jobs for a third of the population to live in poverty. Integrations have been shelled with an antique bomb to steal ruthlessly and everything to become wasteland. All that in the name of patriotism. The name was the main tool. And it would have put out itself if before 2012 we had been in NATO and the EU, with unemployment below 10 percent and an average salary of 700 Euros. But to be a statesman one should believe either in God or morality. Then you know that boats are the safest on the ports but still not built for it.

Prime Minister fell to the lowest branches when he told off the students in a student way and they replied maturely and wisely in a PM way – “We are tired of this rhetoric, through which PM is trying to give a party connotation to this initiative and thereby delegitimize it. The student plenum will strive to restore academic level which is based on critical thinking and analytical approach, rather than personal disqualifications and labeling”.

And President Gjorgje Ivanov always joyful – “With joy I can say that today Macedonia has the fastest growing economy in the entire region, new jobs are being created for young people who cannot wait for years the problems that others impose to be solved”. He cannot understand that people’s happiness ends on the stairs of his residence. Inside there is a great light but outside it is complete darkness. From that darkness he cannot see the World Labor Organization’s report that the state with about 54 percent youth unemployment is a world recorder. That with over 30 percent unemployment it is a world leader in the absurd. Why not boast a little with these figures Mr. Stavrevski!

And Musa Xhaferi has thrown his leader’s statement into a bin that in six months we will leave the government if we do not join NATO. What a fool leaves the government that serves only them! And they expect Alsat-M to do the job for them!!! And they themselves with flags to cover the disaster!

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