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Political-journalistic suicidality

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Independent Macedonia, with an identity and language code? In their defense are the main journalistic patriots and televisions. Judging by the three national television stations, we are on the right track!!! On Sunday night Alpha, Sitel and Kanal 5 alternately broadcasted twelve TV-hours of imported Serbian soap operas, show programs and provincial kitsch. It is prime-time, from 5 to 11 pm, when the marketing agents collect the cream from the ads and Macedonian companies. Defense of linguistic identity. Live programs, somewhere without even a simple translation.

“Speak Serbian everyone to understand you!” This is the program invention in the funeral of Macedonian creative, productive, managerial and intellectual capacities of television editorial managements. I hardly wait for TV footage of drunken appearance of Miroslav Ilic in “Boris Trajkovski”. Then follows the climax – concert of Ceca Raznatovic, Arkan’s wife, third this year, in the (most) VMRO towns. Before Ilinden in Ohrid, before New Year in Skopje. The wave of Turkization of the Macedonian screen does not end.

Media-journalistic suicidality does bypass neither the information programs. TV caravan to EU, paid by Brussels, was broadcasted from restaurant Moscow, Marshal Tito Street 77, in Sveti Nikole. Through Russia to the Union. Top of Macedonian foreign policy of neutrality. As in Tito’s time. In shots with subtle and TV critical journalistic analysis from Sveti Nikole, plough fields were shown of tracing the highway in exchange for a share of 20,000 thousand cows, three farms, 8,000 thousand finely processed hectares of tractors by Sahara Group. And again returns the smile of Vice PM in the Macedonian government, because he is the extended arm of the Indian businessman in Macedonia while Subrata Roy is in prison.

Talking about this affair it is interesting to check whether part of the family of the Indian still has Macedonian passports and whether the government in Skopje will take them away? The businessman who cheated Macedonia, embarrassed the government, insulted us as Macedonians, lied to us as brutal Munchausen, can his family have our national symbol – the passport? Or in the central bank a foreign currency deposit. Maybe in the safes of the National Bank Subrata has left a deposit as a guarantee for the Macedonian passport?

Macedonian passport cannot be forged for crossing borders abroad, says the head of the Interior Ministry. But can it be forged in election caravans, at least in the last two election cycles? Jankulovska’s denial is a recognizable model of looking for enemies in journalistic-opposition classes. Not to the Minister, but to the boldness of the TV host to ask, set a thesis. Let there be a video. Why not know? What if the state prosecutor or the SEC wants to shake the lists of polling stations, only with voters who have identified with a passport? You may find someone forged and it will be proved that behind “the opposition’s spin”, as Jankulovska assessed, stands SDSM underground, for example, in Kavadarci, where forged documents used to be made?

It is not the government, because its spin masters already lose compasses in recruiting internal enemies, as the arsenal of Berija and the Russian NKVD. It is up to the journalism to ask whether officers in Kavadarci would really be punished for not having taken away the gun from the triple murderer. It is not investigated yet how it is possible ARM and MI to have no common database for recruited defenders and professional soldiers, their sentences and warnings, civil and duty. A soldier takes out weapons from the barracks – four victims. What do secret services do, security officers? In Kicevo, four decades ago, while serving the army, a soldier from a battalion tried to come out with a bayonet. He was sentenced to one year in prison. JNA-ARM military codes are the same, the discipline of the spirit is different.

Top news weekly theme is the rhino. Now we are first in Europe with fossils. Third according to the growth in the economy, ninth in transplants. Macedonian passports are the best protected biometric passports. And of course, now in robotics we stand shoulder to shoulder with the world’s superpowers – the US and Japan. Bizarre is complete after experts spoke in Stip through a TV channel that has repeated evaluation of faculty, although in the West 5 in the exam and the University takes you to the most prestigious corporations in the world. They and the reporter announce that for only 2000 denars you can (be careful), make a robot at home. “We have everything in Macedonia, just to import a bit” from abroad! We might need to import software, as if it was a cable. So proudly lectured a university “expert” who is theatrically announced and published in journalistic news in one of the most popular national televisions.

If this is not Hihiriku, then it is hara-kiri of the new Macedonian journalistic pens.

It is not up to the students. (Un)designed and untamed exam of adulthood is within politicians, professors and journalists. An influential host of TV daily, after Prime Minister complains about the quality of studies, will announce that a private university trains top European designers. His students have won second and third place. The name the first award-winning is not announced. It is not important. As within Montenegrins, when soldiers stand in line and shout: – First! – Me next to him! First award-winning is not important, because he is not from the European University, and the second award-winning is as first.

In Skopje a regional gathering of rectors. From there, with cynicism, the idea of a state exam is criticized, as threatening the autonomy of universities. In addition, in the three “south-Serbian” TV-channels, neither a picture, nor a word. To the ministerial pair from education more important were party tasks than the time spent for listening to a dozen of rectors and prominent professors from the region, than the prospects of higher education. But, again, Prime Minister, travelling around the country, after the long road shows in the world’s economic centers, in a Skopje studio explained what state exam is and that legal decisions will be debated. And the students. The next day specific models and legal solutions were published. Suddenly, without participation of the UKIM’s Rector, who before his academics justified that he did not know the legal decisions about external-state exam.

Only after 24 hours, Gruevski from another television, PM completes his explanation. In one day he was a guest on two national televisions. To compensate for the absence from the country as an economic guinea pigs, while in the inside it is eroded by democratic political stagnations. It becomes obvious that on the journey around Macedonia, after long stays abroad, PM becomes a front man in defense of government policies. But there is neither a journalistic provocation, nor a question what if studying and knowledge is devalued due to an error in the concept of higher education, the Bologna system of study, uncritical dispersion of faculties and recruitment of professors?

Overproduction of graduates is not correlated with the needs of the labor market, when between 11,000 thousand employees in the free economic zones, 90% are high school retrained. At the same time, in a factory in a town in Macedonia 30 electrical installers for threaded wires cannot be found. With the slogan everyone to study, this government has only temporarily reduced unemployment lists. For the new generation arrives with college degrees, of which barely 5-10% would be happy if they found a job in domestic companies. There is no room and money for new waves of employment in the administration and the public sector.

Over ten thousand highly educated staff is among the army of 220 thousand emigrated from Macedonia in the last decade. Uncritical opening of free economic and financial areas will backfire on the devaluation of the entire educational system, the value of the working hour, by mobbing on staff, brutal selection in recruiting professional and educational personnel in Macedonia. Why despite so many areas in Macedonia, not to make one for IT-TECH for new propulsive sectors, as the example of Bulgaria and the Czech Republic, whose engineers went to European and international companies for new jobs and technologies. Perhaps one of the Ministers for Foreign Investments, Samak’s son, could (re)read the study of father Samakovski. The businessman and professor, seven years ago made and issued a study of 400 pages about the world trend of outsourcing. Experience of India in the use of knowledge and the transfer of new technologies from the developed West to cheap East, after two decades, brought that country into BRICS, in the economies with the fastest growing pace of development.

When a father and a son cannot comply, how will the Prime Minister and the students have a dialogue about their future? He who underestimates the capacity of the new generation is a loser. Politicization of the electorate is possible, their slogan and motivation – WE ARE STUDENTS, NOT CUSTOMERS.

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