Todays Date
June 27, 2022

Government’s decision on maternity leave did not withstand the public pressure

The Government has returned the old legal decision under which maternity leave will be paid by the Health Insurance Fund, not by the companies as it was proposed by this institution and later to refund the money. For several months the Government had not been making a decision to amend the law so there were citizens’ reactions against the proposed solution.

Maja Zmejkova Parnadzieva, director of the Health Insurance Fund, on November 4 announced they had been considering a Slovenian model and had been making efforts to adapt it to Macedonian conditions. It was a motive for Inbox 7 to start a research what actually Slovenian model for maternity leave offers and how payment is made, what benefits, privileges mothers have not only in Slovenia, but also in other countries, primarily in the Balkans. We came to startling findings – in Macedonia it is not only that mothers have the shortest maternity leave, but are irregularly paid. Health Insurance Fund reacted with a denial of Inbox 7 writings, but after we had submitted arguments supported by laws governing this issue in other countries it was shown that the Fund had tried to discredit our research with inaccuracies.

Inbox 7 again with arguments, facts and verified information stood on the side of truth defending the interests and rights of citizens.