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September 24, 2022

Dimushevska: Institutions failed in Zletovo and Kavadarci

Ministry of Labor and Social Policy does not accept meetings with NGOs, so our protests will continue every 25th of the month, announced Elena Dimushevska, executive director of the National Network to End Violence against Women and Domestic Violence, which unites 27 NGOs, in an interview for Inbox 7

Dimushevska points out that in the last two cases in Kavadarci and Zletovo when reported for domestic violence killed six people, social care centers and police failed.

“In the case in Kavadarci there had been death threats but none of the institutions had paid attention. To prevent such tragic situations it is necessary institutions to assess the risk of using those weapons“, she said.

elena dimuseska i stavrova

For the new government proposal for seizure of weapons from those who possess it officially, Dimushevska with a recommendation – it should be extended to other persons licensed to possess firearms.

Two of the four shelters do not work at all, explains Dimushevska after their field observations. She alarms that so far there has been no positive example of a victim of domestic violence that after a few months in the shelter started independent life, because employment is often temporary and with minimal income, active employment measures for female victims of violence have not been very successful.

“Services are most important, we can work on prevention, but it is necessary to work with children, too, because two options remain for them, whether they will grow into bullies or victims, and that is why the ministry should provide finances to open shelter centers” says the executive director of the National Network to End Violence against Women and Domestic Violence.

The number of reported has increased as a result of campaigns that have contributed to reporting domestic violence.

“Since women have become conscious, now we should be ready to help them”, says Dimushevska.

NGOs are unhappy with the new law against domestic violence, which will come into force from 1st January 2015, since it does not contain any financial applications. Other remark is high fines of 2500-5000 Euros, which, on the one hand, according to Dimusevska, mean further burden of the budget of families where violence occurs, and on the other hand, the rich will pay their fines and continue with abuse.

She criticizes the legal provision for expelling the perpetrator from the home:

“You cannot throw him out without providing accommodation for him, he will come back and kill you”, warns Dimusevska.

full interview in the video in Macedonian only