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September 24, 2022

Subratization of Macedonian Government

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The first act of the Bollywood grotesque ended. The main actor is in an Indian prison, and domestic political actors have entered the stage of ugly and improper manipulation of the public their own responsibility. Vice PM Stavrevski claims that the collapse of Subrata’s investments “could not have been predicted”, although only a year ago he publicly claimed that they would continue. It remains an enigma how the Indian discovered Macedonia, what imported Macedonian ministers of foreign investment were doing, the country’s ambassador in New Delhi, the economic promoters, government staff and the Minister for Foreign Affairs who visited India? Was not the paid stay and the speech of Tony Blair in Skopje suspicious, the kitsch-performance on the Skopje square?

How much effort did the government need to admit the mistake, but at least there was minimum and personal courage in Stavrevski’s defense. The aggressive finance minister looked quiet, helpless and “green” in the explanation that the government protected itself and activated the warranty of 3 million Euros (dollars), whatever? It is clear to the first financier that Macedonia does not fail because of such “small” money. Therefore activation and charging the bank guarantee is more theatrical alibi for Subrata’s treatment. But neither news couriers ask which domestic bank issued a guarantee to “Sahara Group”, why Skopje and Ohrid bankers entered this government’s performance, was not it suspicious when one of the world’s billionaires, who should have had a check of five million Euros in his pockets borrowed from Macedonian banks with mortgages of real estate from here? This is another proof of their financial-political apologetics, marriage of interest. They accepted the logic that everything which comes as pressure from “Ilindenska” must be accepted as a credible story. And those three million will stay on the account of 400 million Euros suspicious and bad loans, 16% of which is in the companies.

The multi-millionaire from India, who is in prison, has manipulated population as whole Macedonia. What would be the benefit of its economic philanthropy if everything is reduced to the memory of Mother Teresa? There is no effect in the persuasion by the PR agency “Sahara India Pariwar” that it is in ” advanced stage of implementation of its business plans in Macedonia and there is not the slightest doubt about the withdrawal of any of these projects”, the company announced. And it is still another understatement of every Macedonian citizen’s rationing. How, for example, would the project Ljubanista be realized when the Government is not considering to regionalize the hazardous road to St. Naum. If Subrata Roy’s high tourism was a priority, what logic is there to build a highway Kicevo-Ohrid, when wealthy Chinese, Russians, Israelis, Americans will not travel on it, who the exclusive resort of Ohrid Lake was intended for.

The question was when VMRO megalomaniac policy of investments in billions, after the Taiwanese duo Georgievski-Tupurkovski, reaffirmed by Subrata Roy, will experience political and economic fiasco. He was welcomed as the savior of Macedonia, first with 300 million, then 600 million in Ohrid, and 200-300 million Euros in Dzumajlija, photos were taken with the Indian, they danced and sang for him, we watched the kitsch-performance on the ancient square, they sold Macedonian citizenship to part of the Indian family.

On the Balkans, the ex-Thai PM Thaksin Shinawatra, convicted of fraud and corruption, was also given a refuge from trials. Seven years ago he stayed in Budva. With his family he stayed in the prestigious villa of King Karadjordje and obtained Montenegrin citizenship.

Subratization of economic-financial policy is the highlight of not respecting domestic experts and the critical media suggestions that in the setup of the theater hide brutality in not respecting the ownership of MPC, cheap selling out agricultural areas, violently privatized in crime businesses with the property of “Dzumajlija”.

This was the most severe attack on the professional expert and skeptical analysis, sale of basic resources – water lake and the land in Ovce Pole.

“When ministries are run by people ignorant about agriculture, who do not know what agreements they conclude, when there is no expert analysis of what is real, then it comes out that way. Even when the agreement was concluded I said it was a megalomaniacal project and that it could not be easily realized”, Professor Ananiev wrote and said.

Macedonian ecologists warn that uncritical urbanization and usurpation of the Ohrid coast is mafia attack on its protected brand under the auspices of UNESCO, and introduction to the devaluation of flora and fauna in the lake, affecting preservation of the extraordinary quality of pure water.

Economic-political subratization after the scandal, with the uncritical and apologetic acceptance of Subrata Roy devalued the credibility of good concepts, to attract foreign investors through road-shows. But they are becoming increasingly wasteful and expensive travel tours. This sets doubts about the capacity of institutions to assess who and how wants to transfer around Macedonia or legalize dirty capital. Probably sunk by the circus in the stay and the rhetoric of the guest from India, the government is trying to distract us with the exports of one billion dollars from the companies in economic zones. It is persistently silent that at the same time the beneficiary import for them reaches 90% of the export value, or $ 900 million dollars.


Subratization in government management of social and political relations has sequels; the pro-government expert who this week claimed that the speaker violated the Constitution in proceedings to revoke the mandates of the opposition, and then he disappeared in the next TV news; the murderer who is part of the VMRO clan in Kavadarci and who the police did not want to take the gun from; Ceca again in Skopje before New Year; aggressive media promotion of Serbian provincialism and information from welcoming Seselj, who VMRO leaders Georgievski and Zmejkovski had first physical contact with in dishonored Macedonia in Prohor Pchinjski…

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