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December 7, 2021

Will we sink or swim out?

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Now we are at a historic crossroads. We will keep the existing disaster or we will move to normal. With this government we have lost a lot. Gruevski already bears the title – “gravedigger of the present and future”. He has not only led the country to economic collapse, record poverty, total partying of institutions, pyramid borrowing and everything pyramid, but has created such a general situation in the country that it is already discussed in relevant analytical world centers – what with this state, which resembles a small kid that neither grows nor dies!

It is known that by consuming populism and nationalism Milosevic set the whole of Yugoslavia on fire, created hell in BiH, moved out the Serbs from Croatia and remained without Kosovo. And he personally ended sadly. For he kicked against the pricks not only with the reality, but also the entire world. But it had no instructive influence on our PM. I am sure that we will soon see the finale of this policy based on Lilliputian megalomania in order to place the mind and normality under hypnosis, wanting to hide the mega crime. This man, who has been flying with a spacecraft called “NAME” for eight years, will soon be demolished along the walls of the irrational false ancient castle. He was winning with the name although the state was losing a lot. He was constantly telling people that he would warm them up, but they burned the bones. Eight years ago we were integration leader and now we are a poverty leader. Our integrative leadership was deliberately blown up with the ancient explosives. And now we are not eligible neither for the African Union. This condition has been confirmed for years by numerous relevant international institutions – Freedom House, the State Department reports, Reporters Without Borders, Standard & Poor’s, a number of official statements from Washington and Brussels. The other day Geert-Hinrich Ahrens, the Head of the OSCE/ODIHR election observation mission said that we were having a serious problem of holding fair and democratic elections.

The regime has continually animated anti-Americanism and anti-Europism, although they, with good intention, suggested not playing on the card of the past, but looking to the future. And we still do not know which direction we are floating to. But we have no fear of pirates as they are boarded on the ship, they even run it. They build their happiness on our collective misfortune. For the number of lost years, China has eightfold increased its living standards. India four times. Nearby states three times on average. And our leaders blow nationalism and grow false patriotism. Sowing white lies and reaping black money. And we, in misconception, laughed to tears with their actions, but now when we stopped laughing, only tears have remained. Of this government we will only be left with historical landmarks – “Gate of defeat”, “Migrant on horse”, “Museum of misery” and many others.

Now is the time. Will we let them lie to us or encroach us? Or we will realize that we need something new. Quite opposite to this. We have to stop fearing. We must be brave for ourselves. Surely the brave do not live forever, but cowards do not live at all. And the international community should not recognize their eventual victory crime.

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